Finding a Nursing Job In Australia

Mental Health Nursing Jobs In Melbourne

Imagine stepping out of your front door straight into the blissful sun, heading to the job you absolutely love, which is in what has been voted the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne. You would not be the first professional Nurse to consider moving to Australia to work which is why so many are turning to Australian Nursing Agency to make a swift transition and find the perfect nursing role.

Who Is The Australian Nursing Agency (ANA)

Australian Nursing Agency established themselves in 2000 and has since then, created an outstanding reputation as one of the most effective nursing recruitment agencies in Australia. ANA, operate international recruitment for nurses travelling to Australia who also wish to work as they embark on their travelling adventures.

Trading in Melbourne as SwingShift Nurses, ANA apply nurses for a casual, locum or permanent role within both the public and private health sectors.

SwingShift Nurses provides nursing jobs for:

  • General Nurses
  • Midwives
  • Mental Health Nurses
  • Specialty Nurses (including psychiatric, intensive care, paediatric, and accident and emergency nurses)

Why Work In Australia?

Ultimately, heading to Australia to work is more than simply having a career, rather it is the opportunity to have an incredible lifestyle with no limits to the astonishing things to see and do.

Pay Rates

Australia is famous for its higher pay rates, but what comes hand in hand with a higher salary is in fact the freedom it gives you in your spare time. Only your spare time is in Australia, with sun, sea and beaches!

So many working professionals chose Australia as their place to work away from home and the Australian Nursing Agency are passionate about providing the same opportunity for Nurses from around the world!

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