Queensland Self Drive Road Trip Review

Mighty Campers Review Queensland Road trip

BBM Live’s Gabriel Laine hits the road with Mighty Campers on his East Coast adventure from via Brisbane, Cape Tribulation and Cairns.

Tackling QLD with Mighty Campers

Travel Route >>> Brisbane >>> Cape Trib >>> Cairns

Put simply, Mighty Campers are a great company. Considering we were making our travel arrangements all the way from Canada, it was so easy to manage our van booking online, so we didn’t have to worry about a think when we arrived.

Upon arriving in Brisbane we were given full attention from an enthusiastic staff member who checked us in. He went through everything we could possibly need to know, and as a bonus gave us many, many helpful suggestions that only a seasoned traveller would know.

Mighty Campers Review

Feeling ready to hit the road with our new found knowledge and van we set off to the exciting destination of Cairns.

Airlie Beach & The Whitsundays

As we arrived in Tropical North Queensland beach town we were hit with fun vibes and stunning views. A traveller’s hot spot you won’t find much trouble parking your camper whilst you head out to the Great Barrier Reef for a few days, as we did. Airlie Beach is built for visitors, so rest assured your van will be fine!

We packed light as we headed down to the Marina to embark on a 3 day sailing tour of the Whitsundays with Wings, and having the van meant we didn’t have to cart all our worldly goods around with us.

Wings Whitsunday review

With Wings we enjoyed two starry nights and three sun-soaked days exploring different snorkelling spots, Whitehaven Beach, and a wealth of marine life. A real highlight on this tour was spotting a pod of whales on the very last day as we headed back to Airlie Beach. Read the full review 

As  we enjoy both land and sea adventures, we also decided to book on one of Wings’ land adventures which took us via 4WD to the bushland and up a hill where we saw the most incredible views of Airlie Beach and the Coral Sea. But once we’d taken in one of the best views on our entire trip it was time to get messy with some 4WD buggie driving, finishing off with a spot of archery! Read the full review

Wings 4wd review

Spending a few days in Airlie Beach was a great way for us to break up our journey as we next made our way up the coast to Cape Tribulation…

Cape Tribulation

Planning on doing a few excursions, when we arrived at Cape Trib we were glad that the good folk at Ocean Rafting were happy for us to park up our van whilst we camped overnight. Awaking in the morning, we were ready to face our day out snorkelling the local coral reefs and soaking up the wildlife around us.

Ocean Rafting review Cape Tribulation

Ocean Rafting’s tour was one of the highlights of our journey, and is well worth a visit whilst in Cape Tribulation. This fantastic spot where the rainforest meets the ocean means there is an abundance of wildlife to be spotted and you really will feel like a castaway whilst you camp in the jungle and swim amongst the tropical fish. Read the full review

It’s not just marine adventures to be had here though, we also had the chance to zipline through the rainforest canopy with Jungle Surfing. This gave us yet another perspective of the area – not to mention the views! Read the full review

jungle surfing review

Having the ease of travelling at our own pace by driving ourselves, we found having a campervan such a good way to travel light during our excursions, and we never had to worry about where we would rest our heads for the night.

The distances in Australia can be vast, so it’s important to travel in comfort. The freedom of driving yourself enables you to change direction and go off piste when something else may catch your eye. Similarly, whilst driving along many of Australia’s coastlines, it’s highly likely you’ll see a beach and some water that you just can’t resist. Having the freedom to pull over whenever you want means you can stop for a dip and a rest in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

We found Mighty Campers integral to the success of our road trip and would highly recommend hiring one of their campers if you’re an adventurous type who wants to explore.

Book your road trip with Mighty Campers here  and check out all East Coast Australia Tours


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