Airlie Beach Wings Sailing Adventure Tours

Airlie Beach Wings Sailing Adventure Tours

Airlie Beach Wings Sailing Adventure Tours: Jean Gabriel Laine of BBM Live sets sail towards the Whitsunday Islands with Wings Whitsunday Adventures, traversing the Coral Sea in the process.

Wings Whitsunday Adventures Tour Review

Wings Whitsunday Sailing Adventure Highlights:

  • Plenty of time to go snorkelling
  • You won’t follow a set path; instead, you’ll see the top places with the fewest visitors.
  • Fairly comfortable on-board lodgings
  • Extremely accommodating to anyone with food allergies (in our case, to wheat, soy, dairy, and MSG).
  • Comfy and accommodating staff
  • Quite a bargain

About the tour

Sailing around Whitsunday Island for two nights and one day aboard a roomy catamaran is what this vacation is all about. You can easily reach it from downtown Airlie Beach; it’s only a fifteen-minute stroll along the boardwalk from the northern end of Abel Point Marina.

Abel Point Marina was our starting point for the day’s snorkelling adventures. After a quick lunch and a two-hour boat ride (which flew by in the midst of the safety briefing and the fantastic staff introduction), we arrived at our first snorkelling spot.

We reached our first snorkelling spot of the trip in record time since the crew pulled off the sail but continued to utilise the motors when there wasn’t enough wind.

Cateran Bay was the name of our first snorkelling location. The waves could be smooth or rough, depending on the wind and tides; nonetheless, we like that most tours don’t have a set itinerary but instead show you the top places to visit. As promised, these folks wasted no time in taking us to some of the top snorkelling spots in the Whitsundays.

We had enough of time to marvel at the underwater marine life since the snorkelling time was long enough, which is usually a good thing because other trips sometimes cut it short. However, on the Wings Whitsunday excursion, you are free to return at your leisure or remain in the water for as long as you choose!

We hopped back aboard the boat, dried up with a mug of hot tea, and set sail towards Tongue Bay, where we would spend the night.

Overnight on the tour

We sat back and admired the stars while the staff made supper. Dinner is a feast when we say it! There will be no pre-reheated food as on other commercial tours; instead, a full, freshly-prepared lunch with soy chicken, Caesar salad, baked potatoes, stuffed peppers, potatoes, veggies, and gluten-free bread for everyone. It was just incredible!

An excellent opportunity to savour the day’s memorable experiences and reflect on the crew’s planning is the catamaran’s movie night, which takes place after dinner and features all the images from the snorkelling session; the evening concludes with dessert. Getting to know the staff and other passengers took up the rest of the evening.

Next Stop on the Journey

On the second day, we woke up early and made a beeline for Whitehaven Beach from Tongue Bay. We arrived at this stunning beach after a little trek through the jungle, and we stayed for three hours!

Guests were free to roam Whitehaven Beach at their leisure during this portion of the trip, which allowed for a more personalised experience at the beach. Get back on the group tour and go to a vantage point to take in the scenery. Stop at the world-famous Hill Inlet for some aerial shots of the whirling sands.

Returning to the catarman, we stopped in Tongue Bay after taking in one of the Whitsundays’ most unparalleled sights.

The team had already made a new meal when we returned from our well-deserved lunch, and we could even take a quick hot shower to unwind and get back to the day!

Wings Sailing Adventure Tours From Airlie Beach Review

Luncheon Bay

After that, we headed to Luncheon Bay for another snorkelling opportunity. We spent exactly the right amount of time in the water at a much more picturesque snorkelling area compared to the previous day.

We returned to the ship in time for a quick lunch before setting sail for Blue Pearl Bay, our third and last snorkelling spot. The skipper decided to go to Blue Pearl Bay instead of the original destination since there were too many boats there. our is just one more way that our trip strives to provide you a unique and less touristic experience of The Whitsundays.

Overnight at Stonehaven

Stonehaven, a charming small place near Ian Point on Hook Island, was the site of Night 2’s starry skies. Once again, the supper was delicious, and the main saloon section of the ship had a giant screen showing images of the day’s events.

Day 3 at Caves Cove

On our last day of exploring the tropical seas of the Whitsunday Islands, we stopped at Caves Cove. The best way to cap off an amazing few days was with one more opportunity to swim amid the beautiful aquatic life. So that we could listen to the podcast on our iPod while we sailed back to Airlie Beach, we were free to play any music we wanted. Unfortunately, a pod of eight whales breached close to us, so we missed out on one huge highlight that had to have happened sooner.

After three trips to Airlie, when I sailed out to sea for one day each time, I would never again do anything less than two days—it’s more costly, but you get so much more.

If you’re trying to watch your spending, here are some pros and cons to consider: you’ll be well-nourished during the day, you’ll cut out the expense of additional lodging by sleeping on the boat, you’ll get to snorkel in four different locations instead of just one, and you’ll be able to skip the crowded spots.

As an additional piece of advice, if you go around the middle of August, you are more likely to see whales since you will be farther from the crowded tourist areas on longer tours. It will be well worth your time, and I really hope that you will get the opportunity to visit the Whitsunday Islands again.

Wings Sailing Adventure Tours From Airlie Beach Review

What to pack

  • Small bag of clothes/ toiletries
  • BYO Alcohol (no glass please for safety reasons)
  • Beach towel and shower towel
  • Cash for purchases of bottled water and soft drink for $2

Key details of this tour

  • Departs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Can accommodate up to 31 people on the third floor and 25 on the second floor.
  • Accredited Eco-Friendly Tour Winner of Multiple Awards
  • Blue LED lights on the rear deck for an underwater show at night
  • A 62-inch plasma TV with a sound system
  • Pleasant, well-informed staff
  • Exploring the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands
  • Exploring the finest fringing reefs in the Whitsunday Islands by snorkelling
  • Amazing coral reefs and aquatic creatures
  • Food made right there on the ship

Road Trip by Bus

The journey could be covered by bus in a period of 2 days and 2 hours.  The itinerary is as follows;

  • Sydney to Byron Bay
  • Byron Bay to Gold Coast
  • Gold Coast to Brisbane
  • Brisbane to Noosa
  • Noosa to Rainbow Beach
  • Hervey Bay to Agnes Water
  • Agnes Water to Airlie Beach
  • Airlie Beach to Townsville
  • Townsville to Mission Beach
  • Mission Beach to Cairns

View the tour itinerary here

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