Backpacker Hospitality Trade Jobs In Sydney

Backpacker Hospitality Trade Jobs In Sydney


Being one of the biggest hospitality centres in Australia, Sydney offers a wide range of hospitality trade jobs which can be made good use of by backpackers.  The bars, restaurants, hotels and sports venues as well the huge population make Sydney a promising job provider in the hospitality trade.

Types of hospitality trade jobs available for backpackers

The following wide range of hospitality trade jobs are available in casual, permanent part-time or full-time roles;

∙         Bartenders and bar jobs in Australia in hotels, bars, café’s and nightclubs

∙         Waiter/waitress jobs in restaurants and hotels

∙         Food preparation and service staff

∙         Function and corporate boardroom wait staff

∙         Chef jobs — head chefs, sous chefs, chefs de parties etc.

∙         Baristas

∙         Sommeliers

∙         Butlers, concierge, valet, and customer service roles

The peak season for the backpacker hospitality trade jobs

Although hospitality trade jobs are steadily available throughout the year in Sydney, the demand definitely increases from September / October until January, mainly due to Christmas / New Year holiday period and summer holidays.  During this peak season, casual workers usually operate on a rostered or ‘on-call’ basis.

Top 3 ways to get a hospitality trade job

1.     Use a traveller company

2.     Use free listings of jobs

3.     Just travel and look for signs in the hospitality businesses looking for workers

Payment for backpacker hospitality trade jobs

Casual Rates

Australian hospitality trade casual jobs pay a good base wage and sometimes include tips too.  Hourly hospitality base rates for adults are usually AUS $ 15 – AUS $ 20 per hour, with extra for working overtime / late nights and possibly ‘time-and-a-half’ or ‘double time’ on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.  Tips are often pooled amongst staff.

Permanent Part-time

In permanent part-time jobs, payment is made at an hourly rate, but work is available for regular hours and shifts.  These staffs are entitled to holiday and sick pay.

Full-time Wages

The following is an estimated average annual salaries;

Food and beverage attendant

AUS $ 15,000 – AUS $ 30,000

Food and beverage supervisor

AUS $ 25,000 – AUS $ 40,000

Hotel duty manager

AUS $ 40,000 – AUS $ 50,000


From AUS $ 35,000


AUS $ 15,000 – AUS $ 25,000

Qualified head chef/cook

AUS $ 49,000 – AUS $ 60,000

Sous chef

AUS $ 40,000 – AUS $ 45,000

Kitchen chef

AUS $ 30,000 – AUS $ 40,000