CV Tips For Australian Hospitality Jobs


Black & White Waiters are one of the top Hospitality Agencies in Sydney and they’ve seen their fair share of CV’s over the years. To help those of you who are visiting Australia on working holiday visas prepare, we’ve asked them to put together their top tips on applying for hospitality jobs and writing a Hospitality Job Applications. 

When on an Australian Working Holiday Visa grabbing a job with a hospitality agency is the perfect fit to suit any wanderlust lifestyle! Firstly it’s a great way to build up your travel fund. On the whole, agency work tends to be better paid than regular employment. Secondly, you will receive training and more often than not a uniform. So no need to drag your shirt and suite halfway across the world! And last but not least, agency work gives you the ultimate flexibility to accommodate a perfectly balanced work and travel lifestyle!

Here’s a few key tips for that will help you secure that all-important hospitality job in Sydney…

Match your Resume to the Job Description

No two jobs should be applied for with an identical resume! Scrutinise the job advert, job description and company website. Identify the keywords: skills, qualities and attributes, in addition to the requirements of the role. The more keywords that feature within your resume, the more likely it is that the recruiter or hiring manager will identify you as being a good fit for the role. And REMEMBER, if you’ve not worked in hospitality before, think about what skills sets relate to the job, such as ‘people skills’, ’organising’, ‘working in a team’, ‘corporate events’, etc. Make sure you stand out, as you will be going up against people who have more relative experience – especially in Australia where hospitality is seen as more of a long-term, life career.

Define Your Attributes

Now you’ve identified the keywords you need to match these to your specific attributes and characteristics to demonstrate that you are perfect for the role. If it helps, draw up a list of your qualifications, awards, work experience and skills and identify where the keywords can fit among these.

A Focused Application

A well-rounded application should include your resume and a cover letter, both of which should be concise, easy to read and relevant to the role. When writing your cover letter start by explaining exactly why you are the perfect candidate. Follow this by summarising your key skills and expertise, demonstrating suitability by drawing upon real examples. Don’t be afraid to use bullets points or subheadings to draw attention to specific skills. This will focus the hirer’s attention on those all-important areas.

Follow this simple tips and fingers crossed you’ll smash your application and receive an invitation to interview. From here on it’s down to your wonderful self – be motivated, fresh, positive and vibrant! For more information on hospitality opportunities in Sydney, and to register to get in touch with Black and White Waiters today!

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