How to find Farm jobs in Western Australia

How to find Farm jobs in Western Australia

Search early

If you’re traveling around Western Australia, start researching and networking. Don’t wait till the last minute since it can seriously limit your chances of securing seasonal work.  Start searching for farm jobs on websites such as Harvest Trail, Fruit Picking Jobs, Gumtree, Local information centers, checking yellow pages and calling farmers directly for jobs or referrals & hostel notice

Timing and Research

Different fruits are ready for harvest at efferent times in the year and in different locations around the country. It’s a perfect way to see the country while earning some money to fund the good times you’ll be having. Western Australia is a massive place with a wide variety of horticultural options, so timing your travels and job search around a particular commodity or location requires some research.

When to look for farm jobs in Western Australia

January to March: grapes in Margaret River, Mt Barker, and Swan Valley.

March to May: apples and pears in Manjimup, Dohnybrook, and Pemberton.

May to September: rockmelons and zucchini in Kununurra.

Find a farm job to suit your skills

If the outdoors and physical labor isn’t what you are looking for; it is good to remember that not all farm work involves harvesting and picking. Employment in a farm business can include work in packing sheds, data entry, lab work, and cleaning. Craft your application to suit your strengths and interests. Be honest as to why you’re looking for that kind of farm work and your availability timeframes.

Job Description for a Farm Worker

Farm workers are responsible for planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops such as sweet potatoes, peanuts, rice, soybeans, and cotton. They are responsible for the upkeep of land and tools, which are generally provided by the employer at no cost. Some farm workers occasionally work with and operate heavy machinery.

Pay scale

A Farm Worker in Western Australia earns an average wage of AUD $20.05 per hour.

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