How to Get from Sydney to Canberra

How to Get from Sydney to Canberra

The distance from Sydney to Canberra can be covered in four modes of transportation.  They are as follows;

The Bus Journey from Sydney to Canberra 

Greyhound Australia and Murrays Coaches are the two tour operators of this route.  The journey is covered in a time period of 3 hours and 35 minutes with one or two stops, namely the Sydney Domestic Airport and International Airport.  The bus tour costs from AUS $ 45.15 to AUS $ 80.  The Greyhound tickets are sold in three varieties such as Early Bird, Advantage and Premium.  Greyhound operates every 4 hours while Murrays Coaches operate every hour.

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Train Journey from Sydney to Canberra

The journey by train is seemingly inexpensive, as it costs only AUS $ 7.74 – AUS $ 11.06.  The trains are operated 3 times a day by Transport NSW.  The scenic journey, which has 9 stops in between lasts approximately 4 – 4.30 hours.

Driving from Sydney to Canberra

Alternatively, you can drive from Sydney to Canberra in a shorter period of time, with the ultimate freedom to stop wherever you want.  Rental cars would be your best choice as the journey lasts for around 3 hours only.  The fuel cost by car from the capital of New South Wales to the nation’s capital ranges from AUS $ 25.43 – AUS $ 38.71.

Flight from Sydney to Canberra 

The flight from Sydney to Canberra costs the most.  Each leg of the journey is covered by different modes of transportation.  The first leg from Wynyard station to International Airport station is by train, for 22 minutes at a cost of AUS $ 3.32 – AUS $ 3.87.  The second leg is by plane for 55 minutes, at a cost of AUS $ 88.47 – AUS $ 215.64.  After walking for approximately 10 minutes, the last leg of the journey is covered by bus, for 15 minutes at a cost of AUS $ 1.66 – AUS $ 3.32.

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