Perth to Adelaide by road

Perth to Adelaide by road

The journey from Perth to Adelaide is well over a distance of 2000 km by road. It is a journey of a lifetime as it will enable you to see and feel Australia in a whole new different way. This epic journey spanning from West Australia to South across the great Nullarbor plain contains some of the world’s longest stretches of straight roads. In this iconic journey, there are some places that are a must visit on any wish list.


Merredin Railway Station Museum is a popular tourist attraction in Meredith. The museum reflects the rich history of the town when played a vital role during the gold rush.


Kalgoorlie is famous for Australia’s largest open cut gold mine, Super Pit. In addition, Karlkurla Bushland Park is an ideal place to see the wonders of nature, especially the sunset over the natural woodlands.


The town is famous for the debris left from the re-entry of the Skylab space station. The Balladonia Rocks offers picturesque views of the flat plains which dominate in the area.


The town consists of one of the largest cave systems in the world. It is the ideal place for a cave lover. In addition, the Eyre Bird Observatory in Cocklebiddy is a favored site for serious bird watchers as well as casual tourists.


Ceduna Jetty in Ceduna is a popular attraction.  It provides ample opportunity to take an idle stroll enjoying the ocean with a soothing cool sea breeze. In addition, an eager person can even visit the Maralinga Atomic Testing grounds where British nuclear bombs were tested.

Port Augusta

Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden in Port Augusta exhibits arid zone plant habitats like dunes, desert and saltbush plains spread over 250 hectares. It is the ideal place to see firsthand how nature adapts and evolves. The time tunnel in Wadlata Outback Centre offers the unique experience of being transported into the prehistoric world of life on Gondwanaland.