Aboriginal Darwin

Aboriginal Darwin

The culture and traditions of the indigenous people of Darwin are as old as the country itself. Learn all about them and the culture through which they come from through their stories of art and the stories they tell which make use of a spiritual connection between the people, the land and the wildlife. Visit the places which boasts of such culture when you are touring through Darwin.

Jilamara Arts and Craft Association

The artists of this Arts Center tend to produce various types of works which are innovative as well as contemporary. They use several forms of traditional body painting designs, natural ochres, carvings and traditional carving tools to produce these works. These are used by the people of this culture to create unique masterpieces which are truly amazing to the beholder.

Coomalie Cultural Centre

See how this centre has displayed a wide range of products developed by the aboriginal people in the country as you browse the different items offered. Observe the works done on the barks of trees, paper canvases, printed cloth materials, creative carvings which they have done, fibre weavings as well as certain other ceremonial items originating from this culture. This centre tends to motivate new indigenous artists to promote their works further by having exhibitions and cultural events. The retail shop will have such items for sale as well so that you could purchase some of these unique items to take back with you.

The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

The MAGNT presents many different artistic, cultural and scientific collections of items belonging to the indigenous people of Australia and they also conduct certain research programs pertaining to the same. The exhibitions held here are also very popular in this region where travelers from different parts of the world tend to visit them to absorb some of the local cultures of the town of Darwin
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