Events in February in Darwin

Events in February in Darwin

There are many different types of festivals and cultural events taking place around and in Darwin during the month of February. When visiting the city, you can experience as many of these events and activities as you can manage into your schedule and absorb some of the local culture of Darwin.

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Territory Tribute

The Territory Tribute is a world class event which tends to be focused towards commemorating the history of the military, while establishing the strategic role in the defense of the country. The bombing of Darwin which occurred on the 19th of February 1942 was one of the most significant events which took place in Australia. This was due to the fact that this bombing attempt was the largest attack to be mounted in the country by a foreign power. This event will remember the different military-history related aspects which took place in Darwin, and you can also join in on this experience.

City Flicks – Riot!

Come on over to the Darwin City Library on the 21st February 2019 and enjoy watching a movie on the big screen while the constant rain pours outside continuously during the wet season. The movie will start at 6 pm, so be sure to be in your seats before that. Bring your popcorn and snacks and settle in to enjoy the movie with the locals gathered around.

RAW Comedy Darwin Heat 2

The largest open mic competition of comedy taking place in Australia will be held on the 21st of February 2019. Come join in the activities involved and see how eleven different comedians will compete with each other to obtain a place in the Territory Final. The tickets for this event will be prices at $12, but the limited spaces will mean that you should book early to avoid disappointment and have the assurance of good seating for the event.

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