Adelaide to Darwin bus tour via Uluru

Adelaide to Darwin bus tour via Uluru

Explore Adelaide to Darwin bus tour via Uluru!!!

Adelaide to Darwin bus tours via Uluru, great overland adventure to the heart of Australia red center and tropical North.

The Adelaide to Darwin road trip Via Uluru is probably the best road trip that you can experience traveling in Australia. The tour cuts through the wilderness generally known as the Australian outback, it’s almost like traveling through the virgin and unexplored territory, experiencing what nature has to offer. Traveling by bus is an experience that you should not miss; you can opt for a 14-day Adelaide to Darwin bus tour via Uluru and on the way see amazing stuff, stop by at bars, hike, swim and spend the nights in comfortable accommodations. 

Day 1 Adelaide to Darwin bus tours via Uluru


Your trip will begin in the South Australian capital city of Adelaide. This 3030-kilometer epic tour is a once in a lifetime journey and you will have an amazing experience and increditable memories to take home with you.

If you want spend a night in Adelaide and start off you journey the next day there are some good bars to visit in Adelaide are the Proof Bar, The Collins Bar, & Harry`s Bar. The Adelaide Riviera Hotel and the Adelaide Inn are good places to stay

Next day you hit the road north and begin this amazing experience where you will see nature at its raw best.

Day 2 Adelaide to Darwin bus tours via Uluru

Flinders Ranges

You will travel into the Clare Valley wine region’s picturesque vineyards. Then go through Melrose’s historic city which is a gateway to the Flinders Ranges. You’ll enjoy an easy walk through the amazing Alligator Gorge that sometimes bursts with wildflowers. Flinders Ranges is the largest range in South Australia. It begins 200 Km North of Adelaide and stretches over 430 Km.

You will have the opportunity to visit one the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Your day includes a sightseeing and tasting the world’s best wines. After your hike in the ranges, you can spend your night at the Desert Cave Hotel.

Day 3 Adelaide to Darwin bus tours via Uluru

Port Augusta

Your next stop from Flinders Ranges to Darwin is Port Augusta. Wadlata Outback Centre is your gateway to Aussie history and the evaluation of modern Australia. In Port Augusta, there are many places to spend the night in like the Majestic Oasis apartments or Highway One Motel and you can find many more in the city. Good bars for a drink in the area are the Sky Tavern and Tassie Tavern.

Day 4 Adelaide to Darwin bus tours via Uluru

Coober Pedy

You’ll notice the incredible changing landscapes along the way to Coober Pedy. Wildlife, such as kangaroos, emus and eagles, will spread over the landscapes. On an Opal Mine and Museum underground tour, you’ll learn about Coober Pedy’s history. A highlight is to visit the Kangaroo Orphanage of Josephine, where you can meet the rescued kangaroos and baby joeys and admire or buy Aboriginal art and didgeridoos.

Coober Pedy offers underground accommodation. It is interspersed with motels offering rooms to the range of motels completely dug in. The major churches catching the tourists are the underground churches which include Serbian Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church. The several other tourist’s attraction here are the graveyards & mines. You can stay overnight at the Desert Cave Hotel, but you can also have options of staying at the Radeka Down Under or The Lookout Cave Underground Motel.

The exciting Bars in the area are the John’s Pizza Bar & Restaurant and the Outback Bar. And Grill. Besides all the amenities the city also has tourist information and help center which is very helpful if you are traveling on your own.

Day 5 Adelaide to Darwin bus tours via Uluru

Coober Pedy to Kings Canyon

It’s a big day on the Stuart Highway, with several pit stops on the way. Today’s drive is to reach the majestic Watarrka National Park (Kings Canyon) where we camp at the Kings Canyon Resort for the night.

Day 6 Adelaide to Darwin bus tours via Uluru

Kings Canyon

On your way, the next attraction is the Kings Canyon. Discover the Lost City and the Garden of Eden on a 6km hike in Kings Canyon. Admire and explore the towering walls and crevices of Watarrka National Park. The photo opportunities are endless in Kings Canyon so be sure to bring your camera.

There are astonishing views of the canyon from up high, while you sink down to ground level. It has very high walls around more for than 100 meters. Due to its high walls, you are normally discouraged to leave the walking tracks. As you hike along the tracks you can view the great majestic canyons. There are three walk tracks which you can follow as per your own ease and convenience. These are:

  • The two km walk loop is around an hour walk. It terraces the bottoms of the canyon and at the end, it reached to a platform from where you can view the canyon walls from above.
  • The six km walk traces the top of the canyon. The walk starts with a steep slope in the begging which is heart-pounding experience. It takes the tourist to the top of the canyon and thus gives an opportunity to view the canyon from above. Around half the way the tracks takes descend and leads to a waterfall. This waterfall is surrounded by plant life and is called the Garden of Eden.
  • The ultimate adventurers can take the 22 km long Giles Track. It connects the Kings Canyon to the Kathleen Springs.

A variety of the birds can be viewed from around the Canyon. After spending an adventurous day at the canyon the next thing is a warm cozy place to spend the night. We set up camp at the Uluru Kata Tjuta Aboriginal Cultural Center quickly before learning about local Aboriginal History.

Day 7 Adelaide to Darwin bus tours via Uluru

Uluru / Ayers Rock

Your next stop is Uluru / Ayers Rock which is a large sandstone rock formation and a major Australian tourist attraction. The first Australian here are from the Pitjantjatjara Anangu people. The area around this is webbed with the springs, waterholes, rock caves some paintings.

Both Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta have great cultural significance for the Anangu traditional landowners. Self discover about the local flora and fauna, bush foods and the Aboriginal Dream time stories of the area.


KataTuja also is known as Tholga lies around 25 km west of Uluru. The tourism in the area is supported in every way but the only downside is that the people are banned from climbing up to the Kata Tuja. Embrace the domes of Kata-Tjuta on your walk, while taking in the views of the open plains on the return walk.

Walpa Gorge

Sprawling out in an awe-inspiring horizon of jutting peaks and dipping valleys, Walpa Gorge is a bastion of natural beauty set amongst the beautiful Kata-Tjuta National Park. Stand at the edge of the world, breathe in the aromatic wilderness, and soak up the vast, incredible plains


Its sheer immensity dwarfs everything around it. Uluru (Ayers Rock) has acquired its reputation not just because it is such a unique landform, but also because of the effect the sun has on its colours and appearance. Sunrises and Sunsets cause changes to its colour from browns though oranges, reds to finally grey.

We start the day at dawn with a walk around Uluru’s base which takes about 3 1⁄2 hours. Walking through acacia woods and grassy clay pans, you’ll spot wildlife in waterholes, marvel at Uluru’s geological wonders, and learn more from your culturally accredited Groovy guide about Aboriginal interpretations. We relax on our campground later.

Uluru – Mutitjulu Waterhole

We drive from the front of Uluru around to the Kuniya car park, which is at the back of Uluru. From here you start your second Uluru guided walk to the Mutitjulu Waterhole. The guide will share stories of local traditions and explain how the Anangu people traditionally used the waterhole for hunting. The caves containing rock art were used in the past by Anangu still alive today.

Moreover, once you get to the area don’t take pictures of everything you see. There are few areas restricted from being photographed. These areas have a direct linkage with the religious beliefs of the locals. There are a lot of places to stay near the Ayers Rock however some good places are Ayers Rock Resort Campground &  Outback Pioneer Hotel. Some good bars to refresh yourself after a long day, try visiting the Mangata Bistro & Bar or the Pira pool bar.

Day 8 Adelaide to Darwin bus tours via Uluru

Uluru to Alice Springs

Explore the myth, legend, and history of one of Australia’s most visited and iconic landmark. This tour gives you a snippet into the natural and cultural heritage of AliceSprings and delves into its indigenous past against a backdrop of rich red sands and breath-taking scenery.

The locals- Arrernte

Alice Springs is roughly the geographic centre of Australia it’s the most sort after places by travelers. It is a desert terrain inhibited by its locals known as the Arrernte. These local people know the art of survival in the desert by finding water, bush food and the art of finding kinship. The city has a large population hub accounting for around 10% of the total population of the Northern Territory. Here you would be guided by your local guide for learning the unique flora and fauna of the Aussie desert.


It’s the gateway to some of central Australia’s most stirring landscapes: the ruggedly beautiful MacDonnell Ranges stretch east and west; you don’t have to venture far to find yourself among ochre-red gorges, pastel-hued hills and ghostly white gum trees.

Simpsons Gap

While Exploring you will find a water hole which serves as a major water source for the people and is known as the Simpsons Gap. Moreover, the Australian government has built an Earth Sanctuary World Nature Centre. At the sanctuary, you can view the night skies and learn about the stars and the Milky Way above the Aussie Territory. After such an adventurous day your night stay can be planned at The Diplomat Motel or the Heaven Backpacker Resort.

Some great places to have a beer are The Rock Bar, Todd Tavern & Montes Lounge. If you are food lover try the Rocky Pizza and Fat Kebab, Krazy Train Diner and the Milner Meats   and Sea Food

Day 9 Adelaide to Darwin bus tours via Uluru

Tennant Creek

On your way from Alice Springs to Darwin, the next stop you would take would be just on the Stuart Highway at the Tennant Creek. It is the place having a great history of the miners. Here you can join the locals and discover the early life of the miners while maintaining the luxuries of the present. The greatest tourist attraction is the Battery Hill.

What to see

Listen to the local Warumungu people’s legend of’ Nyinkka’ at the Nyinkka Nyunyu Art and Culture Centre, the spiky tailed goanna that shaped the city. This centre is considered to be one of the best in the territory and includes a gallery of regional indigenous art, cafe, and opportunities to learn more about Aboriginal life & history. Visit The Pebbles, a spectacular granite formation north of the city known to the Warumungu people as Kunjarra, the sacred women’s dancing site.

Tennant creek is just on the junction of the two highways and serves as a rest area for many of the tourists. You can rest at the Eldorado Motor Inn or the Bluestone Motor Inn. The foodie travellers also get their carving satisfied probably with a beer from the Sporties Club, Rocky`s Pizza, Top of Town Café or the Gimmy Chicken and Coffee. If you want a drink try the

Day 10 Adelaide to Darwin bus tours via Uluru

Alice Springs to Banka Banka Station

Just north of Alice Springs is the Tropic of Capricorn. Further along the track are the Devils Marbles (Karlu Karlu), a collection of magically balanced, gigantic rock formations. Our day will close at the historic Banka Banka Cattle Station, where we camp for the night. The historic cattle station was this region’s first pastoral operational lease and a World War II supply camp that provided meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables. The Ward family occupied and ran it and is still the site of a mudbrick homestead.

Day 11 Adelaide to Darwin bus tours via Uluru

Banka Banka to Mataranka

On this Adelaide, to Darwin overland tour you need to make a visit to the Daly Waters Pub, an important watering hole for explorers and drivers in days gone by and now a great spot for a cold beer, a bit of history and a’ fair dinkum outback experience!’ You can soak up in the Mataranka Thermal Pools later in the day, a lush oasis surrounded by paperbark trees before heading to Katherine. The hot springs of Mataranka provides visitors with the perfect place to relax and soak up along the captivating scenery.

Mataranka Pools

 The natural pool waters here are blue, but they also have the power to heal aches and pains–ideal if you have spent the day walking and exploring the surrounding area. Palm forests around the hot springs offer a paradise backdrop, while in the distance you can hear the gentle gush of nearby waterfalls. There are plenty of wildlife spotting opportunities to have here as well, as the red flying fox Stay overnight at the Bitter Springs Cabins and Camping or the Mataranka Cabins and Camping.

Day 12 Adelaide to Darwin bus tours via Uluru


The next day we move onto the Katherine River which has carved ancient sandstone to create a deep, picturesque gorge. Hire a canoe and paddle along the gorges to see waterfalls, Aboriginal rock art and wildlife. Board a sunrise cruise or speedboat and enjoy the ride

Explore Nitmiluk National Park which offers many ways to experience its gorge like swimming between pure cliffs to camp on sandy freshwater beaches, or jump to the ultimate view of the 13-gorge system in a clear-nosed helicopter.  

Paraway Motel and Beagle Motor Inn is a good location for travelers to spend the night. And if you are looking for pubs to have a good drink try The Stuart Hotel which has a beer or the Savannah Bar & Restaurant (Knotts Crossing Resort)

Day 13 Adelaide to Darwin bus tours via Uluru

Kakadu National Park

Your tour towards Darwin would not be complete without having the sight of the crocodiles basking in the mud and a variety of wildlife enjoying their own habitat. This is the park the route of which leads from Katherine George in the Nitmuilk National Park. The park is based on four major rivers the East Alligator River, the West Alligator River, the Wildman River & the entire South Alligator River.

What to see

This region is home to over 250 species of birds and has the Southern Hemisphere’s highest concentration of saltwater crocodiles. Look for the powerful crocs that rule this waterway, buffalo, birds and other wildlife. At the South Alligator River, our entrance to Kakadu National Park is a picturesque location for a picnic lunch.

Before our late afternoon arrival in Ubirr, there is an opportunity to buy Aboriginal arts and crafts at the Bowali Visitor Centre. Here you’ll see a wide range of ancient Aboriginal art that your guide will interpret. Learn the Rainbow Serpent story and climb the Nadab Lookout to Arnhem Land for panoramic views across the floodplain and beyond. Besides being a hub of natural habitat to numerous species, the area also has a diverse mining history.

Ubirr Rock

Your Adelaide to Darwin coach tour is not complete without a climb to a rocky outlook with views across the floodplains on the moderately steep 250-meter track. Time your visit from the top for a spectacular, unforgettable tropical sunset. At Ubirr, there are three main rock art sites to experience. It takes about an hour to walk to Ubirr and is 1 kilometre from the car park via a circular walking track and it takes another 30 minutes to climb to the lookout.

Twin Falls Gorge

Twin Falls Gorge is a gorge of amazing beauty. The Twin Falls are also one of Kakadu National Park’s most famous sites, a place most visitors think about when visiting Kakadu. The shuttle takes you through the gorge, dropping you near the falls. You have to walk from there for about two minutes, over a few rocks and then over a boardwalk. You end up in a large pool at the bottom of the falls with a sandy beach.

Yellow Water Billabong

Get out on the Yellow Water as part of a cruise on a boat for a closer look at a rich wildlife variety. Jacana, egrets, jabiru, sea eagles, magpie geese and many other native species are among the vast range of resident birdlife. The billabong’s surface is dotted with lovely pink and white water lilies. Take the walk across the floodplains to a viewing platform at Home Billabong when the waters recede-a great place to enjoy an unforgettable sunset at the top end.

After all the excitement if you are looking for a drink try the Pine Creek or the Corroboree Park Tavern. There are some good places to stay over during the night like the Kakadu Lodge, Anbinik Kakadu resort or the Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel.

Day 14 Adelaide to Darwin bus tours via Uluru

Litchfield National Park to Darwin

Today is spent exploring Litchfield National Park’s waterfalls, spring-fed streams, and rough sandstone escarpments. Marvel at the intriguing termite mounds and then swim, hike and explore Florence and Wangi Falls. Discover Buley Rockhole’s with many of its rock holes and cascading waterfalls before our return to Darwin.

Your trip would finally end once you enter the capital city of the northern territory situated on the Timor Sea. It would also be the end of the Stuart Highway on which you would have travelled such a great distance. The Darwin city serves as a gateway for the East Asian markets and countries to Australia. It would not be wrong to call it the metropolitan city of the country.  The city has two main beaches which are the Casuarina Beach and Mindil Beach.

End your tour on a high note with a drink at the Shenannigans or at the Monsoons Darwin. After that you enjoy your planned stay at the Darwin YHA – Melaleuca On Mitchell or at The Cavenagh Hotel. Final note your, Adelaide to Darwin bus tour via Uluru is full of joy, natural landscapes, natural habitat and meeting a variety of new people.

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