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Explore Australia’s largest sand island, Fraser Island. Discover Lakes, 4WD across the beaches and camp under the stars. Meet the local wildlife including Dingos, snakes, lizards, whales and learn about the rich history of the Aboriginal community who have called Fraser Island home for thousands of years. 

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Heritage-listed in 1992 by the UNESCO, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world stretching over more than a whopping distance of 120 km. It’s one of the natural icons of Queensland. Being one of the most sought after holiday destinations in Australia, it is popular among tourists as well as natives. To reach the island, ferry rides from Hervey Bay can be taken. A ferry ride will take about 50 minutes to reach the Fraser Island starting from the Hervey Bay traversing a distance of about 9 km. Additionally, direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are also present.

Fauna and flora on Fraser Island

Island is the home to a vast array of fauna and flora. Its plethora of animal life include dingoes, wallabies, echidnas, birds and other small mammals. Dingoes are probably the most famous of all the wildlife on Fraser Island due to the fact that they are some of the purest in Australia due to its isolation and strict park rules. Among other animals, majestic Humpback whales take prominence. These gentle giants can be easily observed spotted from the shores and lookout points of the island.

Lakes, Lakes and more lakes

In addition to the exquisite fauna and flora, the island houses a majority of the perched lakes each with their own individual character in the world. In this regard, Lake Boomajin takes prominence as it’s the largest perched lake in the world. In addition, there are several other lakes as well. Most of these lakes including Lake Boomajin have shallow waters which are safe to swim refreshing and serene to relax in.

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Accommodation on Fraser – Camping & Luxury

There are a number of accommodation options available on Fraser Island from the 5-star resort at Kingfisher Bay, to holiday homes and villas, to cozy cottages and Drop Bears Fraser Island Beach camp. Hence, there are options to suit each traveler’s budget.

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