Cairns to Cape Tribulations Tours

What's on in Cairns in May

Cairns is a cosmopolitan city, especially catered to tourists. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia and is particularly popular with Japanese tourists, due to its proximity to the country. Many of the signs are written in Japanese as well as English, so it’s perfect for those coming from this country.

Cairns is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation.

Because of the massive tourist industry here there are many activities and things catered for people visiting the area. One of the many things that people can do is visit the amazing tropical paradises that are in this area. One of these places is Cape Tribulation and is a place that many people have described as heaven on Earth.
Located at the end of a sealed road, Cape Tribulation is home to some amazing tourist attractions. There are scenic landscapes, remote beaches and rainforests surrounded by lush, clear water.

Cape Tribulation Beach

The main beach – Cape Tribulation Beach is located on the northern side of the headland and is covered in white sand and backed by the Daintree Rainforest and National Park. It’s the most sheltered location on the island, meaning if you want to escape the winds that can blow around this is the place to head for. At low tide, you can explore the fringing reef which is home to some amazing wildlife and fantastic coral.
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Walk around the Cape

You can also take part in two walks around the cape, which will take you through places that you won’t believe exist outside of a picture book.
The Dubuji Boardwalk takes you through 1.8km through the forest and mangroves, letting you explore the rainforest up close.
The Maardja Botanical Walk will take you up close and personal with nature, taking you through the coastal part of the rainforest meaning you can see the beauty of the forest alongside the contrary but still beautiful coastline.
These walks are really breath-taking, and are one of the best ways to explore this amazing cape.

Crocodile Cruise on the Daintree River

Other things to do on the headland are things such as the crocodile cruise. There are some tours in the area which operate on the Daintree River. Getting to see saltwater crocodiles up close in their natural habitat is definitely a must do, and all the tours are reasonably priced meaning you can take the whole family.
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Don’t miss the Swim Holes while on Cairns to Cape Tribulations Tours

There are also swim holes all throughout the cape, so for those visiting in the hot months of the year, make sure to stop off at these. These local freshwater creeks are the perfect place to stop off for a cooling swim.
These are the only places that you should stop for a swim, as the ocean and other bodies of saltwater will be home to the crocodiles, who won’t be too pleased about sharing.

Great Barrier Reef is the highlight of Cairns to Cape Tribulations Tours

From Cairns you can also travel via boat to the Great Barrier Reef which is a place that’s on every keen travellers bucket list. The world’s largest living thing, this reef is really jaw dropping.
The best way to access this is from Cairns as this will take you straight to the main part of the reef. There are many boat tours and trips that set sail from Cairns, meaning you are sure to find a tour that suits you and your wants and needs.
There are trips that take you out for the day, or liveaboards -tours that take you out for a week where you live on the boat. There are trips that will just take you snorkelling, or those that are for the more experienced people who prefer diving.
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Skyrail Experience, voted one of the best things to do in Cairns

While you’re in Cairns, one of the things that you really should experience is the Skyrail Experience. Offering a really unique perspective of Australia’s World Heritage Tropical Rainforest.
You can start at either Smithfield or Kuranda and you can go one way or a return trip. You can enjoy the Skyrail Experience in a few hours, or over a whole day – depending on your plans.
Following trails high above the ground, you will be up amongst the trees and getting to see the rainforest from a brand new perspective. This experience is constantly voted one of the best things to do in Cairns, so if you’re in town this is something you should definitely try (unless you’re afraid of heights!)
Cairns and Cape Tribulation are really incredible places to visit if you’re in North Queensland. It’s a place like no other on Earth, with fantastic rainforests in one area to the stunning coastline in another.
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There are also many more metropolitan areas of Cairns that are worth visiting. Great places to experience local foods and culture – including the well-known hospitality that the Aussies are famous for. Go and try out some of the local cuisines, which include a lot of different nationalities all rolled into one.
That is one of the great things about Australia – it’s such a mix of different cultures that you get to experience so much just in one trip. If you’re planning on a trip to Australia then make sure that Cairns is on your list.
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