Snorkel The Great Barrier Reef

Cape Tribulation Great Barrier Reef Tours Turtle

Explore the largest living structure on earth with Cape Tribulation Great Barrier Reef Tours from just $139 per person.

Cape Tribulation Great Barrier Reef Tours

Heading up to Tropical North Queensland to see the Great Barrier Reef is a must whilst visiting Australia.

With the Reef being the largest coral reef on the planet (you can see if from outer space!) it will come as no surprise that close to 10% of the world’s entire fish population call the Great Barrier Reef home. But it’s not just fish you can hope to see whilst visiting. The Reef is also home to 6 of the world’s 7 marine turtle species including Green Turtles, Leather Backs and Logger Heads! Getting to see one of these guys is a real treat, and you’re also likely to spot Giant Clams, Starfish, Eagle Rays and an abundance of colourful corals.

If you’re staying in Cape Tribulation for a few days it’s well worth venturing out to the ocean on a day trip to snorkel at the Reef and with Ocean Safari you can jump on board one of their fantastic half day tours off the Daintree Coast that will take you on a 25 minute ride out to the Reef where you’ll discover all the rare and wonderful wildlife.

Morning tours depart at 8 am and afternoon tours at 12 midday. Tours start from $139 per person.

The Ocean Safari check in office is where you’ll also find the Turtle Rock Café where you can fill up on some wholesome meals after all that snorkelling. You’ll also find Jungle Lodge just 400 metres from the beach. Jungle Lodge offers camping in the stunning Cape Tribulation rainforest making it the perfect base if you want to stay in the area over a few days!

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