The Ocean Rafting Whitsundays Experience

snorkelling the whitsundays

Ocean Rafting is currently leading the way in which travellers are experiencing the Whitsunday Islands. This is a pocket of tropical heaven that is located north of Queensland, Australia. Travelling explorers have been flooding towards Airlie Beach hoping to get in on the action. Ocean Rafting enable the ultimate Whitsundays adventure with a convoy of vessels, taking you on exhilarating tours and charter trips with incredible inclusive packages, all tailored to ensure the greatest Whitsundays experience.
It’s time to crack on with overindulging in each second available with your time Whitsunday Sailing Tours and explore as many pockets of heaven as possible.
Northern Exposure
The Northern Exposure Tour is an eco-adventure that embarks on an unrivalled snorkelling exploration; this is currently the only Whitsundays adventure that endeavours upon a multitude of unique snorkel destinations. Relish the experience of snorkelling around Hook Island, including Mantaray Bay, Maureens Cove and other exclusively selected Whitsundays snorkelling locations, ensuring the most majestic adventure.
A little something to carry with you for the rest of your days…
Southern Lights Tour
The Ocean Rafting Southern Lights Tour kick starts an action packed day, taking you to the most jaw dropping spots that Whitsundays has to offer. Swim in the world’s’ clearest waters at Whitehaven beach; a 7km stretch that shimmers the sunny rays like an ocean of diamonds (you will need your glasses!!!) and sink your toes into white lush silica sand. After some much needed delicious grub, you’ll be taken to an “exclusively secret” snorkelling location where you can peer down through goggles and witness a colourful explosion of marine life.
Ocean Rafting has mastered the way in which the Whitsunday Islands should be explored. With the tropical environment complementing a diverse sea life eco-system; this is a must see Garden of Eden, best experienced with Ocean Rafting.
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