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Fresh-faced from his backpacking stint in New Zealand, Nathan continues his new journey travelling down Australia’s East Coast and has found himself land in Airlie Beach.
My immediate thoughts of Airlie Beach was one of a blissful and calm-natured town, coupled with a chilled and laid back night scene.
My backpacking compadre, Tom, and I were only here for a matter of days, but we knew we had to pay a visit to the legendary and iconic, Whitsundays.

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Choosing a Day Tour of The Whitsundays

We needed an option that was reliable and credible but, most importantly, one that allowed us to see as much as possible without it being too rushed.
That’s why we chose to go a one-day excursion trip with ZigZag Whitsundays, which we soon discovered was up the top of the greatest Whitsunday Sailing Tours.
The tour was due to depart the harbour at 0830, alas, Tom and I didn’t get off to the best of starts as we had gone to the wrong harbour… Quick re-routing mission to the correct harbour and we eventually arrived just in time as everyone was getting sized up for their wetsuits prior to boarding. As, unfortunately, not being a confident mermaid, but more instead a beleaguered seal, I was a little nervous as I don’t swim particularly majestically, more so in open water. Regardless, minor discomfort aside, we boarded the vessel, got our debrief from our captain and set sail for, arguably, one of the best boat tours I have ever been on.
The first stop was at a quiet and isolated section of the Great Barrier Reef! Due to severe tropical cyclones, large sections of the reef have been left fragmented and damaged. We were strongly advised to interfere as little as possible with the reef to allow it to regenerate.

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Snorkelling Experience on The Whitsundays

So, wetsuits on, flippers slipped on and snorkel in place – we were eager to get stuck in. The majority of the passengers chose to step down into the ocean but, as the old wife’s tale goes: ‘’If you’re friend jumped off a bridge, would you jump off one too’’ – Tom jumped off the side (this was allowed) and I followed suit. Quick gulp of seawater and floating like a used plastic bag later, I quickly made the decision to swim around starboard and grab an aided floatation device. This was a great idea as I wanted to enjoy and see as much of the reef as possible without the minor fear of getting tired and struggling to swim back to the boat. Large numbers followed my lead. This was stop number 1 and I don’t know how you could ever top that as the beginning of any tour…

Whitehaven Beach

Afterwards, we slalomed through the islands and arrived at Whitehaven Beach. The weather was amazing, and the sand was, well, white! We chilled here and got fed some very delicious sandwiches from Taz, the Captains right hand man.
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This location would be an Instagrammers dream.

Palm Bay Long Island Resort

Once we all boarded the boat again, we were then taken to Palm Bay Long Island Resort. This island was crazily beautiful – the kind of place you would buy an apartment if you won the lottery. We truly felt like we were getting the 5-star treatment. We wandered around the resort and caught come rays by the pool. Afterwards, we were treated to some more fresh fruit and, unfortunately, the royalty treatment stopped there as the staff didn’t appear to offer to feed me grapes like some kind of depicted Egyptian Pharaoh.
Shame, but all joking aside, every member of staff we met, right from admissions, to the boat crew themselves and countless others we met along the way, they all made it perfect for us.
Not once did we think we were rushing or missing out on anything. We were given the 5-star treatment from start to finish. It was a fantastic finish to our East Coast Australia Tours.
If you are thinking about visiting the Whitsundays (and why wouldn’t you be!) be sure to check out these guys, especially if you are a little stretched for time on your backpacking or holiday adventure.
Watch Nathan’s journey through the Whitsundays here:

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