Mission Beach Uncovered

Mission Beach Queensland

Andrew Nagy runs us through his exhilarating experience on Mission beach…

If being on the road has taught me anything it’s that a backpacker’s life is fraught with danger, especially in Australia. Jumping out of planes, crashing down rapids and climbing mountains make up the majority of days on the road, travelling Australia is packed full to the brim with fun-filled danger.

Mission beach is surrounded by World Heritage rain forest and overlooks the beautiful Dunk Island. However, despite its tropical calm it entertains all these dangers and more.

Cassowary Mission Beach

Found halfway between Cairns and Townsville, it’s home to some of the best adventure sports Australia has to offer. So if you’re looking to get tossed around in a boat, whilst crashing down the white water rapids of the Tully River, or have always wanted to try your hand at scuba diving or sea kayaking with dolphins, you’ve come to the right place.

Mission Beach is also a great spot for skydiving. It’s on offer almost everywhere down the east coast, however, the views of Mission and that chance to land straight on to the beach mean that it’s certainly one of the better options.

However, it doesn’t simply cater for the insanity of the thrill seekers. You can spend an equally watery time relaxing on one of the many sailing boats, gently coasting round the Family Group of islands or simply sun-baking on the 14km of sandy beach.

Fan Palms Mission Beach

Despite the size of the place, food isn’t a problem on Mission Beach. A surprisingly wide range is available to the cash-strapped traveller, from Asian to Italian, to a simple burger and chips.

Mission Beach makes for a great stop off as you make your way down, or indeed up, the east coast of Australia. It’s the best spot for white water rafting and other extreme sport options, not to mention the relaxation that is demanded of the beautiful surroundings, making it a must on every Australia travel itinerary.

By Andrew Nagy


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