Kangaroo Island Self Drive Package

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Kangaroo Island is the third largest Island off of the Australian shores. Its size is only rivalled by Tasmania and Melville Island which is why it boasts one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world and enables a staggering number of activities. Situated just 112 km (70 miles) South West of Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is the ultimate location to pack your bags into your car and embark on a KIAdevnture self-drive getaway. 

This is the kind of adventure that requires at least three days to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the mind blowing attractions.

Encounter Wildlife

At your own pace, you’ll be able to traverse your way around the island with the freedom of choice and your own wonder acting as a compass. This really is an unmissable chance to be your own guide and encounter Kangaroo Island’s wildlife and the abundant list of activities spread across this phenomenal landscape.

Depart from Adelaide

Take the surreal 1.5 hour journey from Adelaide through the Fleurieu Peninsula and onward to the SeaLink ferry terminal at Cape Jervis for a splendid 45 minute cruise to Penneshaw. You could find your boat cruising along side seals and dolphins as they surf the wake. And in the winter season you may even be lucky enough to spot the giant and elusive Humpback Whale bursting through the surface of the ocean from any of the Kangaroo Island Beaches.

Wine and Fresh Produce

Kangaroo Island is no stranger to its South Australian forte and delivers the finest drops of wine and caters its own exquisitely nourishing fresh produce. The island hosts a spectacularly diverse ecosystem, making it home to Australia’s most iconic animals, including koalas, wallabies, and of course kangaroos! The opportunities to experience the island’s wildlife comes to no end and the chance for thrilling activities are scattered all over this marooned haven. Plummet down pristine sand dunes and sand board at The Little Sahara, and hike through Flinders Chase National Park to view the thriving wildlife as you connect to nature.

Vivonne Bay Lodge

Welcomed by a 1km stretch of beach and 10kms of walking trails, relax and unwind in the modern comforts of  Vivonne Bay Lodge, which lies within 206 hectares of Australian bush land. Located in the heart of this blissful land this makes it the prime spot to set out for a day of exploration and activity.

Kangaroo Island is a pocket of land in the ocean that offers such a diverse experience and truly has become a must see attraction. Embark on your adventure to Kangaroo Island with the Self Drive Package Tour and see it all under your own rules; in your own unique way.

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