Things to Do in Kangaroo Island South Australia

Things to Do in Kangaroo Island South Australia
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IS that where all the kangaroos are found? Of course it isn’t, but that was the question I found myself foolishly asking out loud before realising how stupid it made me sound.
Thankfully the question is not that uncommon, a natural presumption that an island named after Australia’s iconic animal would boast their fair share of the said beast.
However, as I soon learnt (and discovered), Kangaroo Island was named after the animal British Explorer Matthew Flinders feasted upon back in 1802 when he first stumbled afoot what he believed to be an extension of the main land. Instead, what Flinders had uncovered was 1700 square miles of Island, which means it ranks as Australia’s third largest island (Tasmania and Melville beat it).
Located approximately 70 miles South West of Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is easily one of South Australia’s top tourist attractions. With a population of just 4500, Kangaroo Island is unaffected Australia at its finest. Boasting a wealth of wildlife, natural beauty and extreme sports, it has universal appeal for anyone wanting to get to the heart of South Australian life.
My own Kangaroo Island adventure would start with a stop off at Middleton Beach for surf lessons. A total beginner with bad balance, I never believed for a moment that in the wild waves of Middleton Beach I would even start to stand on my board. Yet, the real battle proved to be wading through the waves rather than boarding my extra large learner’s board. The ever increasing war against the waves was more than exhilarating and soon enough mission one was accomplished.
A long day on the beach was rewarded with pub food and a warm bed, before an early start to board the ferry to our goal destination. In little more than three quarters of an hour, KI’s second largest town, Penneshaw, drew closer and the real adventure was about to begin.
To say that Kangaroo Island is one of the world’s beauty spots may sound coy, but to call it anything less would be unjust. With a tour guide, Gus, who grew up on the Island, we found ourselves cruising from one stunning vision to the next.
The Remarkable Rocks proved the perfect point for some holiday shots and the clear waters and golden sands of Stokes Bay put it in competition with some of Australia’s finest beaches. Having whet our appetites for adventure back on Middleton Beach, the Surf N Sun crew ensured that the sweat kept pouring. From kayaking at Vivionne Bay through to sand boarding at Sahara Island, there was barely a moment to catch your breath before the next thrill.
Yet for most, the wish to see some of Kangaroo Island’s wild inhabitants ranked at the top of the list. With an abundance of marsupials coming to greet us at the road side, the up close pelican feeding at Kingscote eased its way to the top of the tour bus talking points. While the seals, owls and hawks all arose interest it was the cute koalas at Hanson Bay Sanctuary who really stole everyone’s hearts.
By Jeremy Williams
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