South Australia State Nomination Updates for Subclass 190 & 489 Visa

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The South Australian State has temporarily stopped the acceptance of new Skilled Nominated Visa – subclass 190 and Skilled Regional (Provisional) subclass 489 as of May 2018. This action was due to a considerable backlog of applications already in the system. The closure is not permanent, and the temporary freeze will be lifted on dates to be declared.
Only applications which were lodged before the 25th of May 2018 were taken into account. As such there was a rush amongst applicants to ensure they paid up fees and completed applications. The remaining incomplete lot has now been deleted from the system after the cut-off date.

Revisions to South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL) Occupation Standards

  •    Advertising Manager – Low Availability, expert English skills, and overseas candidates solely probationary on subclass 489 visa.
  •    Overseas graduates and skilled migrants residing in or seeking residence in Australian states requiring nominations should satisfy two necessities; this includes the supply of people willing to carry out the sponsorship and fulfilling the requirements of the Home Affairs Department.
  •    Nominated applicants should make a commitment to reside in the nominated Australian state for two years, calculated from the date of arrival.
  •    This act should be carried out with a resolve to look at a long stay within the chosen state; candidates should be below the age of 45 when lodging the application.
  •    The candidate’s occupation offered for a skilled visa must be one listed on the most recent State Appointive Occupation List.

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