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cradle mountain and dove lake tasmania in cradle mountain lake st clair national park, australia

Cradle Coast Tours, offer a great range of guided Tasmanian Tour options, or you can choose to design your own custom guided tour with their in-house tour expert Howard Smith. Howard’s got all the know how on the best locations around Cradle Mountain, Cradle Coast, The Tarkine and surrounding regions, meaning you can be sure for the best advise and a perfectly curated Tasmanian Tour.

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Cradle Coast Tour Options

Cradle Coast Tours offer four, full day tours which are approximately 7-8 hours in length, taking in the fabulous scenery, local attractions and more.

Ranging from the world famous natural wilderness of Cradle Mountain, to the quaint village of Stanley with its unique geographic feature The Nut, or cruising the coastal hinterland up to the breathtaking Leven Canyon, or maybe experiencing the superb food and wine delights of the Tamar Valley, you can be sure that we have something to please everyone!

All tours cost AUD$150 per person OR book a group tour and save 10%!

Why is the Cradle Coast Tasmania’s must visit location?

Tasmania may be that extra step on your Australian adventure but there’s never been a disappointed customer. Tasi is host to stunning wilderness, amazing trails, forests, coast line and wildlife.

Cradle Coast Tours will give you an opportunity to discover all the above and more.

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