Backpacker Farm Work near Perth

Backpacker Farm Work near Perth

Most backpackers have experience in farm work while they are passing through on their travels. While the farm work gives you the opportunity to learn many new skills in physical labour, it will also enable you to spend another year in Australia after completing 3 months of farm work while saving up the money you earn from working in the farm for your travels.

In order to be qualified for your second year Australian visa, however you will have to successfully complete three months of specified work within a regional area of Australia. While carrying out this work, make sure that you have the evidence necessary to prove that the requirement has been completed effectively. This could be in the form of pay slips, references from employers and bank statements which will prove your employment time period.

Some of the types of jobs that you could do will involve everything from picking fruits, harvesting vegetables, working with farm animals and planting trees. There are also other generic job opportunities present in the market such as working on fishing boats, mines and craftsmanship in certain regional areas.

How to Find Farm Jobs

Some people also tend to have the issue of finding the most suitable farm job, and there may be certain methods which could be used for this purpose. However, you should also consider the fact that other travelers will also be applying to similar jobs like you, hence the opportunity may not arise as soon as you hoped it would. Some contact points you can use are;

  • National harvest trail service
  • Job websites
  • Recommendations from others
  • Facebook
  • Visiting farms to find out about work opportunities

After completing the three months farm work necessary to obtain the second year visa, you can start the process of extending the visa you have obtained so that you can stay for one more year in Australia.

Guide to finding a job in Perth