The Best Markets In Perth

stall at fremantle markets

Wander around Perth and you’ll find that the city is big on markets. Never mind the big shopping centres – this is where you’ll get the best fruit and veg and local produce. Here’s our guide to just some of the best markets in Perth where you can find all that you need in the city.

Old Perth Road Markets

Stroll through Old Perth Road Markets and find the best ingredients available – from crafts, food, and fresh fruits and vegetables locally produced in the Swan Valley. The market is held every last Sunday of the month, and while shopping for groceries you’ll be accompanied by a variety of entertainment: musical performances to poetry readings to meet-and-greets by the local West Australian Football League team. You might just find yourself staying longer than you intended!
When: Every last Sunday of the month, 9am – 1.30pm
Where: Old Perth Road, Bassendean
paella at market in perth

Hillarys Markets @ Hillarys Boat Harbour

There’s nothing more exciting than spending your weekend with some fresh air by the sea while getting all your necessities in a relaxed atmosphere. Starting this October, you’re invited to come to Hillarys Boat Harbour every Saturday and enjoy an abundance of interesting stalls all day. Aside from food stalls, the market is also known for its arts and crafts stalls, vintage items, and health and wellness events. Buskers will also be in town to keep you entertained – or if you’re confident enough with your artistic side, you can sign up to perform at the market!
When: Every Saturday from October, 9am –
Where: Sorrento Quay, Hillarys Boat Harbour

Mad Hatter Markets

Whether you’re just looking for a nice breakfast and coffee, groceries, unique items, or some good entertainment, Fremantle’s Mad Hatter Markets is a must-visit. Located in the heart of Freo, the market prides itself as a Vintage and Retro Specialist, so if you’re after unique vintage items to add to your collections you know where to go! Start your adventure with a cup of coffee, then roam around freely and you’ll find a varied range of stalls – from fresh vegetables and juices and fine clothing to authentic Indonesian silks and Egyptian souvenirs. (Due to winter weather, Mad Hatter Markets will be postponed until 23rd September)
When: Wednesday – Sunday, 10am – 4pm
Where: Kings Square, Fremantle
musicians at inglewood market perth

Inglewood Night Markets

One of Perth’s hottest weekly events, the Inglewood Night Markets is a perfect place to keep you pumped up after a busy start to the week. Great exotic food from many parts of the world, an abundance of entertainment, and a lively atmosphere successfully transform Beaufort Street into a mini festival location. Of course, local artists and musicians will be ready to keep you entertained while you roam around and enjoy the market with its variety of vendors. So whenever you don’t feel like cooking your own food on Monday night, simply head to Beaufort Street and join all the fun at the market!
When: Monday, 6pm – 9pm
Where: Beaufort Street, Inglewood

Market City

The Market City in Canning Vale turns into a vibrant community market every Sunday, with over 5,000 visitors. The market is definitely a must-visit if you constantly hunt for bargain items, with items ranging from brand new clothing and accessories to vintage decorations and furniture. The market is a vast area (over 112 m2) so be prepared for some unexpected surprises while roaming around. If you need a break after strolling through the market, there’s a large eating area where you can sit down while enjoying good food and drinks from the available stalls.
When: Sunday, 7am – 1pm
Where: 280 Bannister Road, Canning Vale
cakes at fremantle market

Fremantle Markets

A weekend in Fremantle has to include a visit to Fremantle Markets. The atmosphere is second to none with buskers on every corner and the smell of a good coffee. Consisting of The Yard and The Hall, you can stock up on freshly baked bread, fashion accessories, games, art, health and beauty products, and fruit and veg – or simply get comfy with a plate of fish and chips and watch the people go about their shopping.
When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8am
Where: Corner on South Terrace and Henderson Street, Fremantle