Top 10 Reasons To Visit Mandurah

Things to do in mandurah
A perfect dive

Visit mandurah: Just an hour south of Perth, Mandurah is the perfect getaway for those who love the water. Here our top 10 reasons to visit…

1. The Estuary

If you’re looking for a seriously large aquatic playground, Mandurah certainly has one! The Peel-Harvey estuary is twice the size of Sydney Harbour – 136 square kilometres – and is ideal for canoeing, kayaking, jet-skiing, boating, fishing and crabbing.

2. The Blue Manna Crab

Blue swimmer crabs or blue manna are native to the Mandurah waters and are a feature of any boating holiday here. They are a delicacy and you will never ever forget once you taste them freshly caught and cooked!

3. The Thrombolites

They are the ‘stepping stones of life’ and these superb ancient fossils live in the pure waters of Lake Clifton at Yalgorup National Park, only a short drive south of Mandurah.
thrombolites in the peel region of western australia

4. Mandurah’s Venetian Canals

Yes, Mandurah does have Venetian canals and you will find these lovely European-inspired canals with their luxury apartments throughout much of the city – next to Mandurah’s fantastic Ocean Marina!

5. Mandurah’s Dolphins

Mandurah is one of a few Australian destinations where wild dolphins can be seen daily so near to a residential area. In fact, you’re likely to spot bottlenose dolphins while you’re sitting having a coffee on the waterfront.

6. Christmas Lights

Between 1st December and mid-January, head to Mandurah, the capital of Christmas Lights, to enjoy thousands of Christmas fairy lights illuminate and reflect onto the water.
christmas lights on houseboat in mandurah

7. Hire Boats

You need not be rich and famous to explore Mandurah’s spectacular waterways by boat – you can simply hire one. You don’t even require anything other than a driver’s license and a credit card!

8. The Mandurah Crab Fest

Each year in March, over 100,000 visitors come to Mandurah during the Channel Seven Mandurah Crab Fest, WA’s second largest free community event. Enjoy seafood, competitions, entertainment and concerts during this two-day event.

9. The Wetlands

The Creery Wetlands are 30 acres of nature reserve beside Mandurah which annually host over 130 different species of native and migratory birds. These include the tiny Red-necked Stint which weighs no more than a box of matches and flies to Mandurah from Siberia!

10. Diversity

Mandurah is part of the Peel Region, one of WA’s most diverse regions. Here you can explore 5,600 square kilometres of outdoor fun. The Peel Region offers everything from coastlines, rivers and estuaries to bushland and all within a short drive.
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