Tour Dowerin Western Australia

tours Dowerin Western Australia

Nature and wildflowers in Dowerin

Winter rains came very late in the season, but the ‘carpets’ of everlastings are now starting to appear around Dowerin. From mid-August, the flowers then start to bloom further south, with its beautiful orchids, everlastings and countless other species.  Traditionally from mid-August wildflowers start blooming around the Dowerin region and from September through October its peak season for the southern outback coast. 

A journey out to see the beautiful array of colours as well as the delicate and unusual features of many of the species makes a wonderful day trip. The best way to experience this amazing natural spectacle is to follow one of the region’s wildflower trails. 

Tin Dog Creek Reserve

There are two circular walking trails, one 3.3kms and the other 1.8kms accessed from the information bay parking area opposite Rusty the tin dog. We walked there looking for wildflowers but maybe we are a bit early because there wasn’t much to see. It looks like the local school has been putting in quite a bit of work with this reserve, marking paths and clearing weeds etc. 


Wildlife thrives in this gentle season. On this trip, you’ll see huge contrasts, both in the animals seen and the landscapes: rainforest and reef wildlife in the north, and desert animals on the red sand of the Outback. You’ll see large numbers of wild Red and Western Grey Kangaroos, Emus, up to twelve species of parrot & cockatoo and many other birds at Mungo in the Outback with Echidna Walkabout. 

Wildlife highlights in the Outback in Australian winter include mobs of Red and Western Grey Kangaroos, Apostlebirds, Wedge-tailed Eagles, Shingleback and Central Bearded Dragon Lizards. Big flocks of Major Mitchell’s Cockatoos are best seen in May & June when young birds are hanging out with the adults. Regent Parrots can be seen throughout winter, but as breeding starts in September

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