Fraser Island Tours From the Sunshine Coast

Fraser Island Tours From the Sunshine Coast

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Fraser Island 3 day 4WD adventure tour

Departing From Sunshine Coast

Fraser Island is a unique and amazing combination of Australia’s rich natural heritage. There are various Fraser Island tours available from the Sunshine Coast. Travelers can spend a day or two, or more getting to know the island and if they are lucky to spot the mischievous Dingoes. The island offers stunning landscapes. This trip is both scenic and adventurous and a perfect winter destination.

Tours Available From Sunshine Coast

  • Fraser Island day tour from Sunshine Coast
  • Sunshine Coast 4WD beach drive tours
  • Sunshine Coast wildlife bushwalking tours

Day 01 Plan

  • Departing from Sunshine Coast
  • Take the Noosa river ferry
  • Travel past the Glass House Mountain to Double Island Point
  • Take the 4WD vehicle to go along the Cooloola National Park
  • Explore the selection of local shops
  • Visit the beautiful Rainbow Beach 
  • Drive along the 75-mile sandy beach in a 4WD vehicle
  • Get the experience of the world’s best beach drive 
  • Visit the impressive dunes of Lake Wabby

Day 02 Plan

  • Enjoy the sunrise, go surfing, or watch the local dingoes
  • Have relaxing swim and a traditional Aussie BBQ at Lake Mckenzie
  • Enjoy the rainforest walk at the Central Park
  • Visit  the World Heritage-listed Satinay Rainforest
  • Enjoy the impossibly smooth waters of Wanggoolba Creek
  • Visit Eli Creek and Maheno Shipwreck 
  • Explore the colored sands and the pinnacles 
  • Take the ferry and drop-off at Sunshine coast

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