Why Ship Your Belongings To Australia

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Getting Started In Australia

It’s not uncommon after a working holiday in Australia to end up wanting to live there permanently, so if this sounds a bit like you then read on…

Australia offers everything you could want from great work opportunities to sunny weather, beachside living, amazing mini break opportunities and an overall great quality of life. So if you’ve decided to make Australia your new home then that will mean setting up home!.

Why Ship Your Belongings To Australia

Bagging a flat in some Australian cities such as city is like gold dust, and often once you’ve found your place you’ll find it may be totally unfurnished. So if you’re leaving your old life behind you may want to consider not leaving all your earthly goods behind. After all you’ll still need something to sit and sleep on. With Seven Seas Worldwide you can ship all your household goods – and clothes and even your TV in one fell swoop with the MoveCube®.

Shipping to Australia – MoveCube®

The handy MoveCube® allows you to pack everything up in one go so you can travel light with just your daily essentials and once your cube arrives in Australia, it’s simply a case of unpacking and getting on with your new life Down Under.
Sound too good to be true? It gets even better. By using a shipping company such as Seven Seas Worldwide you can rest assured that their service is reliable and safe and they even ship globally.

Seven Seas Worldwide recognise that international freight shipping is a complex business, so they have tried their best to ensure that the process of moving your things from A to B is as simple as possible. Their MoveCube® service is your best option when it comes to moving your belongings to Oz. It is a mini-freight container that is designed to be carried on a trailer and parked outside of your house or apartment.

All you need to do is load your carefully packed items in strong, well-labelled boxes and wait for Seven Seas Worldwide to take it to your new address! It really is that simple.

Shipping to Australia – Finding the right size

The MoveCube® comes in three different sizes, for the minimalist, take a look at the small MoveCube® or If your belongings are for an apartment, perhaps check out the medium MoveCube®, but if you are a large family with heavy belongings, then the large MoveCube® will be more your style.

The mini-freight containers offered by Seven Seas Worldwide are great because they’re extremely strong, safe and sturdy. Seven Seas Worldwide ensure you have a more friendly approach with the MoveCube®, so contact a member of the team today to find out more.
Alternatively, visit the MoveCube® section on the Seven Seas Worldwide website.

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