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Whether you’ve fallen in love with an Aussie and Australia itself the thought of having to leave your beloved and the country can be unbearable. Obtaining a partner visa for Australia could be your ticket to becoming a resident in Australia.

Applying For A Partner Visas For Australia

If you’ve made the decision to move to Australia, or are currently there and want to extend your visa then Freedom Migration can help you.

Whether you’re a skilled worker, foreign student, or want to join a partner or family members in Australia, their Australian migration agents can assist with acquiring you a visa to live in Australia.

There are many factors to consider when applying for your visa for Australia, and with a lot of hefty paperwork to contend with and costly applications using a migration agent can ensure the process of applying for your visa for Australia goes as smoothly as possible.

With no one circumstance being the same as another, a migration agent can help take into account your skills, family circumstances, relationship, job opportunities and education when it comes to filling out a visa application with the Australian Board of Immigration. There are a number of visas that could suit you whilst applying to live and work in Australia, but here we discuss the Partner Visa.

Applying for a Partner Visa For Australia

If you’ve fallen in love with an Australian citizen or permanent resident whilst in Australia and wish to remain together then you’ll need to apply for a Partner Visa. First of all you will need to decide which of the partner visa options is the right one for you and you’ll need to make sure that you meet the visa criteria.

How much does a Partner Visa cost in 2017?

The Partner Visa process can be extremely expensive with the government charging up to $6,865 to lodge your visa application! And they’re deadly serious about that as you can’t even lodge the visa application until you make full payment in one go as they don’t take instalments! Scary we know! Then if you choose to use a Migration Agent their fee will be on top.

If you are already on an Australian visa that allows you to apply for another visa whilst on Australian soil then you may be able to lodge a Partner Visa application which will hopefully mean you are awarded a bridging visa that will keep you and your partner together for longer whilst you await a Partner Visa.

It’s advisable to check whether this is an option for you before you lodge your application as you could make a wrong move and either wind up handing over all that money for nothing or find yourself without a visa at all! All good migration Agents will offer either a basic consultation free or a more in depth consultation for a fee.

The best way to avoid all the drama when applying for a Partner Visa for Australia is by using the help of a MARA approved migration agent.

If you choose Freedom Migration, we will aim to:

  • provide all of our customers professional and affordable service
  • deliver honest and comprehensive advice
  • maintain consistent and punctual communications
  • attain the best possible outcome for each of our clients

Working with an Australian migration agent such as Freedom Migration can ensure you visa application is as laid back as the Aussie lifestyle.

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