Backpacker Tour Fraser Island with Drop Bear

Backpacker Tour Fraser Island with Drop Bear

Best Backpacker Tour Fraser Island with Drop Bear Adventures

World heritage listed Fraser Island is a wonderous gift of nature, worth exploring at a leisurely pace. Here are some reasons to book a backpacker tour Fraser Island with Dropbear Adventure.

You’ll go on a thrilling 4WD ride on a sandy stretch and swim in azure and emerald waters. The island’s rainforest are home to towering trees, growing out of sand.

Enjoy a Thrilling Outdoor Adventure

We let you get behind the wheels of our Toyota 4WDs, provided you have a valid driver’s license. You’ll be safe as long as you follow the lead car and avoid any sudden swerves on the 75 mile stretch. If you would rather sit back and enjoy the ride, you can do so too.

You can choose either to camp under the light of silver stars or seek creature comforts at our cosy hostels by the beach. Either way, you’ll get to float and swim in picturesque freshwater lakes and creeks. You’ll enjoy heaps of delectable food and even get to savour the spell of a campfire by the beach.

Fraser Island Attractions

Fraser Island or K’gari is an enchanting land of ancient trees, crystal clear waterways and silky, sandy stretches. The island’s serene energy will fill you with a deep sense of peace as you breathe her salubrious air and drink her refreshing water.

Rainbow Beach

The gateway to Fraser Island, you can drive on the coloured sand when the tide is low. Rainbow beach gets its name from the ancient, colourful sandy cliffs.

Central Station

Central Station is the true heart of K’gari. It is the only place on the entire planet where a rainforest grows out of sand. You can go for a walk amidst the soaring trees to listen to bird songs and watch the breeze swaying treetops in glee.

Lake Boomanjin

A perched lake filled with rusty hued waters, Lake Boomanjin is fringed with greenery and thriving wild beasts and birds.

Champagne Pools

Fraser Island’s very own, natural Jacuzzi will let you forget all your mundane worries. Rock formations retain salty, sensual sea water in pools. Vibrant tropical fish get trapped and captured when waves crash against the rocks. Simply, soak up the sun warmed waters and enjoy nature’s bounty.

Indian Head

A sacred spot for original land owners, Indian Head offers a stunning 360′ glimpse of the surrounding. You can look for whales and turtles at this breathtaking point. Don’t forget to bring your camera along.

Sounds incredible? Go ahead and book a backpacker tour Fraser Island with Drop Bear.

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