Find out why Mojo Surf is the best surf camp in Australia

best surf camps in Australia
Back in 1988 two Aussie Mates Nat and Dan were born and bred surfing on Australia’s East Coast. They met in the surf and shared the same dream to give up their day jobs and enjoy a life of fun, surfing, adventure, travel and meeting new people.
The guys turned their dream into a reality with the creation of the guided Mojosurf adventure cruising the coast between Sydney and Byron Bay. Life could not be any better, meeting new people, surfing every day, teaching surfing, travelling to the best surf spots, eating great food, having fun nonstop day and night, and living the dream!
Word spread that the best way to learn surfing and experience the surfer’s lifestyle was to catch a ride with Mojosurf and let the good times roll.
Mojosurf’s strong belief that everybody should experience surfing, the lifestyle and the culture in a fun and safe way has seen them grow into one of the world’s leading surf tuition, travel and adventure groups.
Mojosurf now operates surf schools, guided surf adventures and surf camps in awesome surf locations like Australia’s East Coast between Sydney and Byron Bay; Raglan in New Zealand; and Bali and beyond.
We invite you to come live the dream with Mojosurf, we’ll induct you into the surfing lifestyle and culture, and welcome you into the Mojo family.
We caught up with Mojosurf GM to hear more about this awesome surf tour that is attracting thousands of travellers every year.

Find out why Mojo Surf is the best surf camp in Australia (arguably)

What’s your name and what do you do? Vanessa and I am the GM at Mojosurf Australia

How many times a week do you manage to get out with your board? Only weekends unfortunately and the rare sneaky surf before work!

Where are your top 5 surf beaches in Australia? Lennox Head, Brunswick Head, Boulders and Snapper

Where are your favourite surf beaches for beginners? Lennox Head at our Byron surf school and Arrawarra beach at our SpotX Surf Camp

Best Surf camps in Australia - mojo surf

Surf Camps vs Surf lessons – what do you recommend for someone who has never surfed before? Surf Camp for sure! You never really get to experience surfing in just one lesson. It’s the full experience you get at our surf camps where you live and breathe surfing that you really get why its so addictive to so many people. The min stay we offer is 5 days at our absolute beach front Spot X surf camp or you can do the 2 camp experience where we get to surf at both our Byron Bay and SpotX locations.

How long do you give people before they can surf independently? We offer an academy program which is 1-3 months of intensive surf camp. I would say 1 month min to be safe surfing on your own. We cover  a lot of surf safety and fitness during the academy so your ready to hit the waves!

What is it about Mojo Surf that’s so appealing? What do you do differently? Mojosurf was started by 2 surfer dudes just taking people along the East Coast to their favourite surf spots between Sydney and Byron. Mojosurf essentially still does this but on a much bigger scale. The way we keep it so special is authenticity and a genuine love for surfing and sharing this experience with others.

You also run Surf Tours in NZ and Bali, do you get many people doing all three areas with you? Absolutely! We now have 4 surf camps in Indo and 1 in NZ.

Are your tours only popular with beginners or do you have tours for people with more experience? Our surf tours in Indo are for beginners to intermediate and surf camps in Australia can provide intermediate lessons.

What’s your favourite MOJO tour in Aus, NZ and Bali? Bali for sure but Spot X Surf camp is pretty special

Anything else you want to add? Come live the Dream with Mojosurf!

Big thanks to Vanessa and the crew from Mojo Surf
Mojo Surf camp Australia
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