The Best Ten Pubs in Darwin

The Best Ten Pubs in Darwin

Although Melbourne was previously considered as the only city worth visiting in Australia, now other prominent cities have been coming to the surface in terms of being backpacker attractions. Darwin is also such a city where the culture of restaurants have actually boomed within the past few years. Now they offer many new types of restaurants, pubs, nightlife as well as laneway cafes for the visitors to enjoy. Check out the best ten pubs in Darwin.

The Best Ten Pubs in Darwin

01.                Six Tanks Brew

They have a considerable variety of traditional hand crafted beers, boutique wines and other spirits which are unique to Darwin. Some of the best items on their menu would be the wood-fired pizza, the beer, tapas, and the mains which are all made by hand.

02.                Monsoons Bar

This is a very pleasing bar in the open air, which enables you to enjoy the outdoors and watch other people hurrying by as well. The pub is famous for its large range of beers and wines and they also offer the traditional burgers, tapas and steak. Entertainment is provided all 7 days of the week.

03.                The Tap Bar

Another open air pub which is quite popular in the area, The Tap Bar boasts of a gnarly fig tree which is right in the middle of the beer garden. However, this adds to the atmosphere, and they also have a wide range of beer in addition to the other food and drinks offered.

04.                The Oyster Bar

For all the oyster lovers, this is a great place to have them and enjoy your time as well. They have both the indoor and outdoor dining option, so choose where you want to sit first. They offer some very fresh oysters made in different forms. There are also other delicacies for those who are not into oysters.

05.                Wisdom

This is a bar located within the premier tourist strip of Darwin and is well-known by tourists for the live music and partying which takes place here. A wide variety of beer, wine and cocktails are offered in addition to the food.

06.                Rorkes

Rorkes is popular mostly among the locals of the area. This is however, a place you must visit in Darwin, with a classical approach to the bar. They have beer on tap, a diverse food menu as well as several types of boutique beers which you can try. The roof-top beer garden is also a great attraction to the place.

07.                The Deck Bar

Open all 7 days of the week, this is a unique establishment which is highly popular in Darwin. Serving more than 80 types and varieties of beer, the bar is situated in a very convenient location in town for all to visit. Their dinner menu is superb as are the snack items which they serve. It’s a great place to go if you want to have a light snack.

08.                The Cav

This is indeed a nice place where you can meet up with your friends. They offer 12 varieties of beer on tap in addition to some great cocktails and a selection of wines. You should definitely try their special, the Nam Jim oyster shot, which has a startlingly good taste. The food menu is also impressive, especially the steaks on offer.

09.                Shenanigans Pub

This is an Irish pub, which emulates the style of the Australians. A very popular place, which is appreciated by the classy crowd. They offer a wide range of beers, a great food menu, live music as well as some good snacks. It’s always busy and full of ambience.

10.                Hotel Darwin

Hotel Darwin was actually one of the early hotels in the area, which has also survived the Darwin bombing as well as the Cyclone Tracy. They offer Australian and imported tap beers as well as bottled beers. It is actually a good place to relax at the end of a busy day.

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