​Diving in Australia

Diving Australia 2019

​Diving With Crocodiles In Darwin

​Are you a traveller who lives for adrenaline? Perhaps you are looking for your next once-in-a-lifetime experience? Grab your bags and let your travels take you to the Top End of Australia for the chance to get up close and very personal with a reptilian giant in a unique diving encounter.

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​Diving With Sharks In Australia

Diving with Whale Sharks in Australia
​Australia offers some fantastic adventure sports and activities that are second to none and one that is a major adrenaline rush is one that could strike fear in most people but, diving with sharks is an exciting experience. We at BBM highly recommend that you take up the invitation if one comes your way. The experience will be one that will stay on with you and let’s be honest, what a great story it’ll be to tell when you get back form your travels. View tour itinerary

​Snorkelling And Diving On Heron Island

scuba diving on Heron Island
​Sitting in the Great Barrier Reef just minutes from superior sites, snorkelling and diving are two of the best things to do on Heron Island. With an underwater world waiting to be discovered, you’d be mad not to.

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​Go Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Australia

​Some of the most gorgeous diving spots in the world can be found around Fiji’s 300-plus islands so if you’re not too shit scared of what lies beneath, strap on a tank and get down there. Unlike the putrid waters of good old Blighty, the South Pacific seas are, by and large, lovely and clear and also contain thousands of colourful and incredible-looking species. View tour itinerary

​Diving At The Great Barrier Reef

scuba diving Great Barrier Reef
Whether you want to get down deep scuba diving or stay shallow with some snorkeling, The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef, supporting a huge diversity of life, from the endangered to the widespread.

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​Skydiving Companies

​So you think you haven’t cheated death enough in your lifetime, why not jump out of an airplane? Good for you, but here are is a quick rundown you might want to consider: You start to re-evaluate your decision as you climb to 14,000 feet above all those people, cars and buildings that were a lot closer just a few minutes before.

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​​More Scuba Diving Centres in Australia

Frog Dive Scuba Centre
Phone: 1300 720 463
Dive Centre Manly

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