How to Find a Carpentry Job in Brisbane if You Are Not Australian

How to find a carpentry job in Brisbane if you are not Australian


Carpentry is a very appealing job among non-Australians mainly due to the high pay and the flexibility of the job. In terms of the salary, most recruiters pay upwards of 25 AUD per hour. Professional carpenters will earn as much as 65 AUD per hour. Due to the lack of professional Australian carpenters, it is a job that has a lot of opportunities for non-Australian carpenters. In addition to the abundance of job opportunities, working outside in the Australian weather makes it all the more popular among job seekers.

Requirements for a Carpenter

In order to start as a carpenter in Brisbane, there are some qualifications the candidate must fulfill. Out of them, the possession of a white card is a mandatory requirement. In fact, any person working in the construction sector must have a white card. In order to obtain a white card, the general induction training must be completed first. It can be done with a Registered Training Organization (RTO). Additionally, it is better if you have a tool kit of your own. Although it is not a must, it will make the work easier.

How to Find a Carpentry Job?

When finding a carpentry job, the easiest way is to use the internet. There are many job portals which can be used to find the perfect match that suits your specific skill set and your expectations. In this case, most of the portals allow you to filter results with a number of parameters like the salary, level of expertise needed and many others. It is the easiest way to find the best carpentry job in Brisbane.

The second way is the traditional way of visiting construction sites and ask firsthand whether there are any jobs for carpenters. Although this method is more time consuming than the previous method, it is more effective as it provides the opportunity of impressing the recruiter firsthand. This provides the opportunity of assessing the work environment prior to starting to work which will relieve any pressure or stress while working as you already have an idea of the work environment.