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Rockhampton Things to Do QLD Australia

Rockhampton, a city in the central coast of Queensland boasts of a population of about 0.08 million making it the fourth largest city in the state disregarding the cities of Southeast Queensland and the 22nd largest city in Australia. Being famed for cattle, there is a population of a whopping 2.5 million cattle in this city. In addition, Rockhampton houses the Central Queensland Livestock Gracemere, the biggest stud-selling venue in the Southern Hemisphere.

Rockhampton Things To Do – Places To Go

Rockhampton Climate

Experiencing a humid subtropical climate which is warm, Rockhampton receives about 116 days of clear skies annually. The temperature ranges from 22° C to 32° C in the summer season (December – February) and from 9° C to 21° C in the winter season (June – August). The warmest month is January while the coldest month is July. Although the spring and the summer seasons can be quite hot, the heat is alleviated by the late afternoon northeast cool sea breezes.

Places to visit in Rockhampton – Time To Discover

Capricorn Caves

Being a premier natural attraction in Rockhampton, Capricorn Caves contain a set of caves set on a limestone ridge. Suitable for each age group, the Cathedral Cave in the cave system has even wheelchair access. For those adrenaline junkies, the opportunity of underground cave exploration consisting of crawling, squeezing as well as abseiling await.

Rockhampton Botanic Gardens

Being among the oldest public gardens in Queensland, the Rockhampton Botanic Gardens is yet another tourist attraction in the city. Having no entrance fee is another advantage. It is home to more than 50 species of native animals found only in Australia as well as exotic animals from around the world.

Mount Archer National Park

Serving as the backdrop of Rockhampton, this picturesque national park is home to a lot of animals ranging from birds like owls to mammals like rock-wallabies. The 604 m tall Mount Archer offers a breathtaking view of the city and its surroundings.

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