The Wild Whitsunday Islands

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Whitsunday Island Day Trips

The waters of QLD may look tranquil and idyllic, but there’s no reason you can’t spice things up with an Ocean Rafting adventure.
The Ocean Raft’s a built for speed as they transport you from mainland out to the tropics of the Great Barrier Reef. Away from the shore you’ll have a chance to discover the “Wild Side” of the Whitsundays as you visit the uninhabited islands teeming with wildlife.
Ocean Rafting
With Ocean Rafting being one of the only tour companies allowed into certain protected areas you’ll certainly get a great insight into these stunning desert islands.
During your tour you’ll have the chance to snorkel, discovering the kaleidoscopic world that bustles below the surface of the water.
Depending on whether you want more beach time or more snorkelling time, Ocean Rafting offer two different Whitehaven Beach tours. The Northern Exposure Tour offers more snorkelling time and the Southern Lights tour offers more time on the beach. With tours departing daily from Abell Point Marina North in Airlie Beach you can easily get to see the most stunning corners of the Whitsundays.
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