Perth to Adelaide Coach Tours

Perth to Adelaide Coach Tours

Perth to Adelaide Coach Tours

Perth to Adelaide coach tours
The journey from Perth to Adelaide consists of approximately 3000km, hence the tour is sure to be quite extensive and tiring, but the experiences you will gain from such a tour would be unparalleled to any other and would definitely last you a lifetime for sure. These tours highlight the popular tourist attractions of the spectacular southern coastline of Australia and the exciting wildlife experiences which are popular in this pristine coastline as well.

Perth to Adelaide Coach  Tours

 9 day Tour

Day 1: Wave Rock & Fitzgerald River National Park

Start the tour by travelling east from the city of Perth, travelling over the Darling Ranges, an escarpment which runs from the north-south to the east of the coastal plain of Swan. Visit the historic township of York, which is the oldest inland town of Australia. You can also visit the Wave Rock, which is an amazing ancient granite rock formation which has been exposed to the weathering processes for more than 60 million years. The unique shape of Wave Rock has been presumed as being a result of erosion from wind and water.

Fitzgerald River National Park

Next, you will travel further south and visit the Fitzgerald River National Park, which is an internationally well-known world biosphere reserve which possess abundant beaches, a rugged coastline as well as the opportunity for going on short walks with the intention of enjoying nature.

Day 2: Cape Le Grand National Park

Start the day with a hike up East Mt Baron, which is one of the 3 quartzite peaks which the Barren Ranges are made up of. Afterwards, you will be taken via the coastal route into Esperance. This is where you will experience some of the most spectacular sceneries in Western Australia, the area having more than 9 different National Parks. You will be able to camp at the most remarkable national park of the area, the Cape Le Grand National Park. Here, the ocean is practically transparent, looking extremely inviting to all those who would prefer a swim during their stay. If you are into wildlife, you can even sunbathe with the local grey kangaroos on the beach. The sand of Lucky Bay has also been identified as the whitest in Australia, hence you can enjoy the feel of it under your toes while taking a leisurely stroll on the beach.

Day 3: Cape Le Grand to The Nullarbor

Start the morning by watching the grey kangaroos hopping along the beach, and then join in the hike up Frenchman’s Peak. This hike will provide you with a spectacular view across the inlets and the islands of the Recherche Archipelago which you will never forget! Follow up that view with a coastal drive, where you will be amazed at the picturesque beaches which are existent in the area, including the quite well-known Twilight Cove. Then the journey will move you towards the east via the Eyre Highway, and at night you will be deemed speechless by the shooting star display as well as the constellations, which you will be able to observe against the dark sky while bush camping for the night at Nullarbor.

Day 4: The Nullarbor and Koonalda Homestead

The plan for this day involves a drive of 500 kilometres over the longest stretch of straight road in the world, towards Nullarbor. This drive will be sure to give you a sense of the kind of size which this land possesses. ‘Nullarbor’ is essentially a name which has been derived from its Latin form, which means ‘No Trees’, and you will not see any kind of vegetation on this road which is unique in itself. It’s a flat and treeless semi-arid country situated on the Great Australian Bright Coast. The Great Victoria Desert is located to its north.

Visit Eucla

The next stop for the day would be a township called Eucla, which is currently buried under sand dunes, but which used to be an old telegraph township. You will spend the night at a unique campsite named Koonalda Homestead, located within the Nullarbor National Park. The history of this campsite goes back to the 1950s where this place was originally a sheep shearing station as well as a fuel and rest stop for travellers. It is now, however a photographer’s dream with the conversion of the place to a car graveyard with the presence of many diverse leftover cars.

Day 5: Great Australian Bight & Coodlie Park

The key highlights for this day include the famous Camels, Kangaroos and Wombats Crossing road sign on the highway as well as the Bunda Cliffs, which is actually where the Nullarbor Plain drops theatrically into the Southern Ocean. Bunda Cliffs would be the lengthiest line of endless sea cliffs in the world, and they are approximately 200 kilometres long, running along the Australian Bight.

Visit the Dingo fence

You will next get the opportunity to cross the longest fence in the world within your itinerary, which is the Dingo Fence. At 5,614 kilometres in length, this would be used in order to cross on to the lands of Yalata Aboriginal. You will visit the Ceduna Arts and Cultural Centre next, where you will surely be astounded by learning about all the styles and meanings behind the different Indigenous artwork. Finally, arrive at the Coodlie Park Farm Retreat, which will be your home base and enjoy a delicious BBQ prepared by the owner of the place. You will get to sleep in a little swag hut, which will be a unique and fun experience for every traveller.

Day 6: Coodlie Park & Baird Bay

Enjoy a day of ocean related fun and adventure, where you will be able to swim, snorkel and play with sea lions and dolphins on a 3 hour cruise taking place on the Baird Bay waters. This adventure is something which you will surely treasure in your heart in the many years to come. On this remote pristine beach, you can even have a surf lesson if you wish to do so. After picnicking on the beach, you will stay overnight at the Coodlie Park swag huts and enjoy this unique experience again.

Day 7: Mikkira Station and Port Lincoln

You will visit the Lake Newland Conservation Park, and demonstrate the ability to sand-board in the sand dunes which are present here. Subsequently, you will sightsee the impressive Eyre Peninsula coastline, where you will be able to visit the Talia Caves. The Talia Caves are located 40 kilometres north-west of Elliston, and these striking cave formations reveal origins in limestone which has been hollowed out with the waves which keep lapping at it constantly. The next stop would be Port Lincoln, which is considered as the Seafood Capital of Australia. You can leisurely enjoy your lunch on the foreshore of the ocean, and check out the town to explore any places of interest which it may have. Spend the night in Mikkira Station, which is an exciting place indeed, being home to a population of wild koalas.

Day 8: Port Lincoln to Mt Remarkable

Gain a major adrenaline rush by partaking in Shark Cage Diving with great white sharks at Port Lincoln. Here you have the opportunity to come face to face with these incredible creatures, and it is also the only place in Australia to encounter sharks. Hence it’s a rare opportunity for you, so be sure to participate in this adventure.

Day 9 Mt Remarkable to Adelaide

Today you will indulge on your final hike on this tour, the Davey’s Gully Walk in Mt Remarkable National Park. At the end of this hike, you will hit the road again to travel back to Adelaide through some quaint towns on the countryside with some remarkable memories.

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Perth to Adelaide Coach Tours