Perth to Adelaide Tour This Summer

Perth to Adelaide Tour

Snorkel sublime beaches, sleep in swags under the stars, swim with the Sea lions and Dolphins, hand-feed Wild Tuna and explore the Nullarbor! This is just a bit of what you’ll get this summer when touring from Perth to Adelaide. This is not only one of the world’s great road trips across the vast plains of the mighty Nullarbor, but also an opportunity to encounter the best of Australian wildlife up close.

This journey provides opportunities to spot kangaroos, wombats, emus, and dingos in the wild. Taking in stunning Australian coastal scenery and kicking back in character-filled Aussie pubs, make this trip the ultimate for those looking for a wild and nature-filled journey through Australia’s outback and remote regions. Following are some of the best travel destinations you’ll encounter on your tour.

Wave Rock

Climb to the top and enjoy the view of the surrounding farmland, shiny salmon gum-forests, and the beautiful salty scrubby bush.

Fitzgerald River National Park

The pristine wilderness of Fitzgerald River National Park on the southern coast is perfect for anyone with a love of nature and a thirst for adventure

East Mt Baron

One of the three quartzite peaks that make up the Barren Ranges. A challenging climb but worth the stunning scenery.

Cape Le Grand National Park

There aren’t too many places in Australia where kangaroos sunbake on the beach, but at Cape Le Grand National Park this is just one of the many natural highs.

Frenchman’s Peak

Has stunning views across the inlets and islands of the Recherche Archipelago.

Twilight Cove

A stunning fishing spot with magnificent 70m high cliffs and a broad, sweeping beach where the white sand crunches underfoot.

Nullarbor National Park

A trip through the Nullarbor National Park is simply a wonderful experience. The whole area is nature at its best and you can experience the world’s largest semi-arid karst (cave) landscapes.

Great Australian Bight

This is the world’s longest uninterrupted line of sea cliffs.

Ceduna Arts and Cultural Centre

A wide range of original Aboriginal art for you to enjoy.

Baird Bay

Swimming with the Sea Lions at Baird Bay is a must do experience.

Lake Newland Conservation Park

Features the most extensive wetland on the Eyre Peninsula with natural saline lakes and freshwater springs.

Eyre Peninsula coastline

Embark on the ultimate seafood safari and get up close to dolphins, sea lions, and sharks, all along the Eyre Peninsula’s stunning coastline.

Lincoln National Park

Lincoln National Park overlooks Boston Bay, the largest natural harbor in Australia, with granite headlands, sheltered bays, and scenic offshore islands.

Wadlata Cultural Centre

At the Wadlata Outback Centre, you can creep through the jaws of Max, a giant Ripper lizard to begin an unforgettable adventure.

Mt Remarkable National Park

Home to dramatic gorges, picture-perfect ranges, and scenic cliff-top views.


Finish the tour with bursting culture, flavours, events, and entertainment of Adelaide.

Along this whole tour, you can experience the great southern sky where you’ll be left speechless by the show of constellations and shooting stars. This summer you will be amazed by what this tour has to offer.

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