Five Best Kayak Spots Melbourne

Best Kayak Spots Melbourne

Amazing Kayak Spots Melbourne

If you like kayaking then these are the five best Kayak spots Melbourne and the best times are generally between September and April when the weather is more pleasant. 


Williamstown is a great spot if you’re learning the kayak ropes. The bay waves are usually pretty minimal, there’s easy access from either the back beach or marina foreshore, and the prospect of fish and chips on the pier makes all the shoulder agony worth it. Either paddle around Point Gellibrand, or hook a left and head up the Yarra mouth to Fisherman’s Bend.  

The Lower Yarra

Depending on the weather, kayaking the Yarra can either be a picturesque dream trip or a drizzly nightmare. Wait for a crisp spring day, grab the kayak, and head down to the Botanic Gardens landing near Morell. It’s best to paddle up towards Herring Island, but you can explore down to Docklands as well.  

Apollo Bay

Either strap the kayak to the roof rack Apollo Bay makes a fantastic kayak spot on the Great Ocean Road. Paddle out to this spot, a couple of hundred metres off the shore, in Mounts Bay, and check out the local colony of fur seals. Mostly they just lie around sunning themselves and smelling of fish, but sometimes they’ll get curious and say hello. Finish up with a scallop pie at the Apollo Bay Bakery.

Gardiners Creek

It’s a cute little stretch, Gardiners Creek, but the water levels need to be up to make the most of it. There are half a dozen interesting weirs and little eddies, but it’s still a good paddle for a relative kayak newbie. You’ll get a nice paddle. This site’s got some good info if you’re keen. 

Lower Glenelg National Park

If only for a very specific stretch of the Lower Glenelg River, better known as the Glenelg Cliffs. This is a pretty spectacular 75km stretch inky black waters surrounded by towering limestone cliffs and dotted scrub. It runs pretty much from Dartmoor to Nelson. While you’re there, you should definitely check out the Princess Margaret Cave.

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