Gay and Lesbian-friendly Suburbs in Melbourne

Gay and Lesbian-friendly suburbs in Melbourne


Melbourne is home to several gay and lesbian-friendly suburbs that offer vibrant, inclusive communities.

  • Fitzroy is a standout area known for its eclectic mix of bars, cafes, and art spaces, fostering a strong LGBTQ+ presence.
  • St Kilda, with its beachside location, offers a lively nightlife and a welcoming atmosphere for all.
  • Collingwood, adjacent to Fitzroy, is celebrated for its diverse population and numerous LGBTQ+ venues and events.
  • Prahran, particularly around Chapel Street, is a hub for LGBTQ+ culture with its array of clubs, restaurants, and boutiques.
  • Brunswick boasts a bohemian feel, with a strong sense of community and acceptance for all sexual orientations and identities.

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The North Side and South Side

The gay scene in Melbourne is divided between the north side and the south side of the city. On the north side, the best options are Sircuit Bar or The Laird for guys of the bear variety, while The Greyhound in St Kilda is a good pick for a mixed weekend party featuring ‘Boylesque’ performances. 

Queer Parties

The best Melbourne queer parties are irregular underground events such as Trough and the much more female-friendly mixed 80’s disco beats of Grouse and Closet Party. The gay scene in Melbourne is diffuse and difficult to pin down, very much alive and vibrant but interwoven with the food, arts, and nightlife scene.

South Yarra and Collingwood

The city-fringe neighbourhoods of South Yarra and Collingwood are a hotspot for gays, hipsters, and all things trendy; where it is common to see queer folk out in full force, snogging in bars or walking hand in hand down the street.

Brunswick Street 

While Fitzroy might be home to gay Melbourne after dark, during the day it is the past to experience everything cool and alternative with ultra-fashionable shops, boutiques, street art, and the unique Hares & Hyenas, a cool LGBT bookstore.

Gay & Lesbian Bars in Melbourne 

Melbourne’s gay and lesbian bars offer vibrant and inclusive spaces for the LGBTQ+ community. Popular spots like The Peel Hotel in Collingwood and Sircuit Bar in Fitzroy provide lively atmospheres with themed nights, drag shows, and dance floors. Additionally, venues such as DT’s Hotel in Richmond and The Laird in Abbotsford cater to diverse crowds, ensuring welcoming environments for everyone.

The Laird 

Probably the most famous gay bar in Melbourne, the Laird is a gay institution famed for its men-only policy, bar/hotel hybrid concept, and themed parties on the weekend. Many guys come here but the leather, bear, and fetish crowd have a particular soft spot for the Laird.

Prince Public Bar 

Attracting friends of Dorothy for over 80 years, this is one of Melbourne’s oldest gay-friendly pubs found in St Kilda. Offers cheap eats and drinks, live music, plenty of fun events, and no cover charge this is the place to go for a colourful and diverse crowd while supporting local musicians & artists.

DT’s Pub

A no-frill gay-orientated bar offering great beer and a friendly crowd. Offering drag shows, themed events, pub quizzes and more this unpretentious hot spot and beer garden is welcoming to anyone, no matter who you are.

Love Machine 

LGBTQ-friendly but with a mixed crowd, this Melbourne nightclub is uber-stylish and has 3 floors, multiple bars, VIP areas, and talented DJs. Especially popular as one of the best Sunday club nights, Gossip Sundays, in Australia.

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