Best Female Friendly Nightclubs in Melbourne Victoria

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P J O’Brien’s best female friendly entertainment

Revolver Upstairs

Revolver, better known as Revs, will take you in on a Friday evening and treat you to a bit of soul-tinged deep house and then spit you out onto Chapel Street Sunday morning, ears still ringing with throbbing techno

Angel Music Bar Music is front and centre here.

Music is front and centre here, with a collection of records pumping out of Funktion One speaker specifically installed to fill the room. You can head upstairs to the 80-room black box venue and party to events put on by Animals Dancing, Crown Ruler, Cool Room, and Pelvis. It’s super dark in the room, with a singular light that projects onto a disco ball that casts an eclipse shadow above the DJ booth.

Gasometer Hotel

This Collingwood bluestone stalwart is known for its revolving roster of bands and live acts, but it also hosts a range of club nights. Downstairs Gaso is a summertime haven, particularly when the retractable roof is open and everyone is dancing with a Spritz in hand.

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Sub Club

Sub Club is a basement nightclub in the little-known laneway Flinders Court, and its programming is as underground as its location. The club is carved out of the old ANZ bank vault, which gives it that Tresor vibe. Line-ups reflect forward-thinking curators and subcultures, so no one is left out here.


Roof Top Bars in Melbourne Australia

The Night Cat

The vibe is electric in this darkly red-lit boudoir of a band venue and it’s not hard to fathom why. The Night Cat has become a bit of a Fitzroy institution, with live jazz, funk, and reggae among its diverse line-up. 

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The Toff in Town

Curtin House is frankly ridiculous, brimming over as it is with a host of outstanding bars and club spaces. The Toff in Town is one of the swankiest joints in the building. Climb the stairs and you’ll find a private booth bar to the left and the excellent band space to the right.

Brown Alley Nightclub

Hip 24-hour nightspot with eclectic live dance acts in 4 stylish rooms, plus an open rooftop bar.

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Some popular female-friendly nightclubs in Melbourne include:

  • Laundry Bar: Offers a diverse music selection and a welcoming environment.
  • The Emerson: Features a rooftop bar with stunning views and a chic interior.
  • LUX Melbourne: Offers a luxurious clubbing experience with top-notch service.

Here are some female-friendly nightclubs in Melbourne, Victoria, with a reputation for inclusivity and a great atmosphere:

  1. The Toff in Town

    • Details: A stylish venue with a relaxed atmosphere, offering live music, DJs, and a vibrant dance floor.
    • Website: The Toff in Town
  2. The Night Cat

    • Details: Known for its eclectic music offerings and welcoming vibe. The Night Cat hosts a range of genres and attracts a diverse crowd.
    • Website: The Night Cat
  3. Revolver Upstairs

    • Details: Popular for its all-night parties and inclusive environment. It has a relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere and attracts a varied crowd.
    • Website: Revolver Upstairs
  4. Lucky Coq

    • Details: Offers a laid-back atmosphere with DJs and live music. Known for its friendly crowd and inclusive vibe.
    • Website: Lucky Coq
  5. Section 8

    • Details: An outdoor bar with a unique vibe. It’s known for its relaxed atmosphere and welcoming crowd.
    • Website: Section 8


These clubs contribute to Melbourne’s reputation as a city with dynamic and inclusive nightlife, making it a great destination for women looking to have a fun and safe night out.

In conclusion

Melbourne boasts several female-friendly nightclubs with a focus on safety and inclusivity. Places like Miss Collins offer stylish interiors and a welcoming atmosphere. The Toff in Town combines live music with a relaxed vibe, ideal for a night out. For a chic experience, visit Bomba, known for its sophisticated design and friendly staff. Cherry Bar in AC/DC Lane provides a lively environment with a focus on great music. These venues ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for women looking to have a fantastic night.

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