Margaret River from Perth Day Trips

Margaret River from Perth Day Trips

Margaret River from Perth Day Trips : Margaret River Tours, Book Here

Jewel Cave Fully Guided Tour
Mammoth Cave Self-Guided Audio Tour


4 Hour Adventure Tour


Forest Adventures Park Entry – 2 Hours
Full Day Wine & All About It Tour


Full Day Wine Tour


Margaret River Discovery Tour
The All About Margaret River Tour


Estate Tour & 4 Course Menu


Bushtucker Margaret River Canoe Tour
Premium Full Day Wine Tour


Premium Full Day Wine Tour


Augusta Whale Watching
The Origins Tasting & 4-Course Lunch


Lake Cave Fully Guided Tour


Estate Tour & 7 Course Menu
Tour, taste and brunch with the owner


Wild About Margaret River Tour


Located in southwestern Western Australia, the Margret River region is a popular day trip destination from Perth. The area is well-known across the world for its wine, adventure, and beaches. Perth to Margaret River Day Trips

A popular vacation spot for locals in Western Australia, the Margaret River area. The pale beaches, towering tree forests, and seemingly endless vineyards make this place famous as a surfing mecca and a gourmet paradise. Such a miraculous blend is something that very few places can boast.

In Perth, spring is the perfect time to enjoy nature at its most breathtaking. One such location to explore in the spring is Margaret River. Margaret River is the ideal day trip from Perth, with plenty of attractions, activities, and delicious food and wine to enjoy.

Discover the idyllic playground of Western Australia, where you can sip world-class wines, stroll along beaches bordered by lush vegetation, and even see whales.

Distance and time

The 270-kilometer-long Via State Route is the quickest way to get from Perth to Margaret River. If you don’t make any stops along the route, this trip should take around three hours. But on your journey to Margaret River, you may stop at several beautiful locations.

About Margaret River

Margaret River is a popular destination for surfers, whale watchers, cave divers, and wine enthusiasts in Western Australia, situated south of Perth. Cowaramup, Dunsborough, Yallingup, Margaret River, and Augusta are the towns that make up the Margaret River Region. The world-renowned Margaret River serves as the region’s beating heart.

Its environs include picturesque seaside towns, verdant forests, and beaches. About 2.5 hours south of Perth, in the town of Dunsborough, you’ll find the Margaret River Region, which is known for its stunning ocean and vineyard vistas.

Day Trips to Margaret River from Perth

Things to See at Margaret River

Along Caves Road and between Caves Road and Bussell Highway, between Dunsborough and Margaret River, you’ll find the majority of the top wineries in the area. Leeuwin, Vasse Felix, and Voyager Estate are just a few of the more than 120 wineries where you may meet the winemakers and taste their award-winning, beautiful wines.

The Beer Farm, Eagle Bay Brewing, and Cidery are among Margaret River’s most well-known brewers, among many more. Margaret River Dairy’s award-winning camembert is the perfect way to end the day.

Other interesting features near Margaret River are the enormous Jewel Cave and the beautiful Lake Cave. On the subsurface of Margaret River’s Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge are 150 limestone caverns, the deepest of which is Lake Cave. At Ngilgi Cave, you may also find information on Aboriginal legends.

Things to Do at Margaret River

If you’re lucky enough to board the 1.7 km offshore jetty train that looks out over Geographe Bay, you could just see some whales or dolphins. The Karri Forest, located 25 minutes south of Margaret River, is another lovely place to visit. With its distinctive tall trees, it is the perfect spot for stunning wildlife photography.

You may also go birding at Karri Forest. Over 2.5 million people have visited Margaret River’s Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, another famous attraction in the area. At 40 metres above ground, the trees provide a picturesque setting for a stroll among the tingle-trees. One of their restaurants has won awards, so you can eat there before you call it a day.

Places to visit on a day trip Perth to Margaret River

Curious about the top attractions to see on a day trip from Margaret River to Perth? Here are a few spots worth seeing on a day trip:

Make a pit stop at the breathtaking Busselton Jetty, the southern hemisphere’s longest wood jetty.
To taste some of the finest wines in the area, stop by a nearby vineyard.
Take a guided tour of the massive chambers of Mammoth Cave and learn about its gothic architecture.
Make your way through the Boranup Forest, home to the towering Karri trees.
Stop at Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse to marvel at the unique occurrence of the Southern and Indian Oceans merging.
Discover the most beautiful beaches in Margaret River, including Smiths Beach, Yallingup Beach, and Hamelin Bay Beach.
Board a boat and go whale watching

A brief guide for you to plan this epic tour

From Perth to Margaret River, you’ll pass through a multitude of attractions. If you want to know what to do, this guide will show you.


Before you begin your Perth to Margaret River Tours visit Kings Park

Just a short drive (or 25-minute walk) away lies Kings Park, which overlooks Perth’s city. Get yourself to the park using any means of transportation you like. The vista of the Perth metropolis and the vibrant wildflowers is just breathtaking from this vantage point. Perth to Margaret River Day Trips

Perth is renowned for its award-winning restaurants, premium wines, and fresh local cuisine. While you’re there, immerse yourself in the distinctive flora of Kings Park, cultural displays, monuments, and European and Aboriginal works of art.

It takes a whole afternoon to explore Old Treasury-State Buildings, a huge complex that houses some of the best bars and restaurants in Perth. Among them are Petition Wine Bar, Long Chim, a Thai restaurant, and Wildflower, a rooftop restaurant and bar that offers intimate views of the surrounding skyscrapers while serving cuisine.

Travellers may take a morning stroll through the Lesmurdie Falls or a visit to the Araluen botanical park in the Perth Hills, a verdant region with undulating slopes where cattle graze.

Perth to Bunbury

Bunbury, located 175 kilometres from Perth, is a good spot to stop and stretch your legs on the way to Margaret River. Reason enough to get in touch with the Dolphin Discovery Centre, an ethical establishment. Dolphins and other natural marine creatures are the main subjects of study, conservation efforts, and educational programmes at the Dolphin Discovery Centre.

Bunbury is also home to several beautiful historical sites. Grab a map from the Bunbury Visitor Centre, located in the old train station at Carmody Place. Then, set out on your own to see the town’s top sights, such as St. Mark’s Church (which dates back to 1824), the Rose Hotel (which dates back to 1865), the King Cottage Museum (which dates back to 1880), and the old post office and courthouse (1880).

Bunbury to Busselton

From Bunbury in the direction of Perth, take the Bussell road south-west for 57 km till you reach Busselton. From there, follow the signs to the city centre as you drive to Margaret River. The town of Busselton, Western Australia, was named after a pioneer family from the area. It is a popular vacation spot for families and has 30 km of sandy beaches and the world-renowned Busselton Jetty.

With a history dating back more than 150 years and a length of 1.8 km, this reconstructed wooden jetty is the second-longest in the world and the longest of its type in the southern hemisphere. A popular activity in Busselton is the Underwater Observatory trip, which departs at the Busselton Jetty and travels down a narrow jetty to the very end of the pier.

During the whale-watching season (which begins in early September and continues until December), visitors to Busselton absolutely must embark on a whale-watching boat. Among the greatest chances to see whales in Western Australia, it departs from Busselton Jetty. You may expect to witness seals, seagulls, dolphins, and the much-loved humpback whales and their offspring.

Day Trips to Margaret River from Perth

Busselton to Dunsborough

Travelling to Bunbury will take you two hours via the Kwinana Highway and the Forrest Highway. We recommend that you pack a picnic lunch and go to the Cape the moment you arrive. White sand beaches, picturesque coastal vistas, surf jumps, great hiking paths, and peaceful bathing beaches are all here.

There is a wonderful assortment of gourmet goods and artisan brews at the nearby brewery as well.

Dunsborough to Margaret River

Go shopping and art gallery hopping in Dunsborough first thing in the morning. After that, go on a torchlight tour of the cave to see some cultural examples in action. Near Yallingup, in the Ngilgi cave, you may see the magical formations and hear the stories of the indigenous people who live there. Take a break for lunch at one of the several local wineries or breweries as you continue south on Cave drive, a scenic drive.

Take a day to peruse the gourmet stores and Margaret River wineries. Enjoy the finest artisan dishes and premium wines. You may also enjoy the delectable dishes prepared by the several Michelin-starred chefs in the area.

River Margaret

A quick stroll along the main street in quest of confections, art, and clothing is a great way to start the day. The next stop should be at Surfers Point, a popular surfing location in Margaret River. The Margaret River Pro Surfing Competition takes place here every year, and it’s a fantastic spot to unwind and watch local pros surf.

Gather some delectable foods and some light drinks for a picnic by the river for a delightful meal. In the area between Margaret River and Dunsborough, you’ll find plenty of eateries, breweries, and vineyards where you may refuel.

Your three-hour journey back to Perth should be your first priority right now. Make your way back via the Kwinana, Bussell, and Forrest roads, taking a break at one of the coastal towns along the route, such as Mandurah, Bunbury, or Busselton.

Perth to Margaret River day trip via Bunbury and Busselton

Travelling from Perth to the Margaret River area takes three hours by car. Bunbury and Busselton are two of the stops along the route that are worth making. The South Western Highway is the more scenic option, however the Kwinana Motorway is thirty minutes quicker from Perth to Margaret River.

Day Trips to Margaret River from Perth

Stop by at Busselton or Bunbury

Take some time to see the world-renown Busselton Jetty, the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. Yallingup, located a short distance from Busselton, is a ridgetop town with beautiful views of Yallingup Beach and the Indian Ocean. After you’ve seen Bunbury, don’t miss the picturesque market town of Margaret River.

Busselton Jetty Major Attractions

The waterfront is bustling with activity, with the jetty serving as its focal point. A serene, relaxing white sand beach, bike lanes, and big shaded grassy spaces replace the seaside cafés, kiosks, pubs, and restaurants. One of the most popular things to do in Busselton is to take a stroll or train ride to the end of the jetty and visit the Underwater Observatory, where you can see fascinating aquatic life.

Other Sites to see at Busselton

Additional points of interest include St. Mary’s Church, the Old Courthouse Art Complex, and the Busselton Museum. Just around the street, you’ll find many more attractions, such as historic lighthouses, art galleries, restaurants, pubs, beaches, vineyards, craft brewers, and more.

Bunbury Major Attractions

Historic Bunbury is home to several fascinating landmarks, such as the former lighthouse, St. Mark’s Church, King Cottage, and the Regional Art Gallery Arts Complex. Bunbury is home to the Bunbury Wildlife Park, where visitors can have one-of-a-kind interactions with indigenous animals, as well as breathtaking sunsets and mouth-watering, home-cooked meals.

20 Things to do in Bunbury on your way to Margaret river

A beautiful beach town, Bunbury is about two hours’ drive from Perth. An additional draw to Bunbury are its protected beaches, winding alleys, unique boutiques, and cafes. In Bunbury, we recommend these top 20 attractions.

Day Trips to Margaret River from Perth

Explore the City – Street Art

The port city of Bunbury is known as the “city of creativity” on occasion. Not to mention, there’s a huge collection of street art there. You can go out on the town with Six Two Three Zero’s Re Discover and Out of the Box Street Art Map.

Get to Know Wild Dolphins

The waters of Koombana Bay provide a haven for wild bottlenose dolphins throughout the year. From November through April, you have the opportunity to begin your day by swimming with dolphins. Plus, there are plenty of family-friendly things to do at the Dolphin Discovery Centre, including swimming with dolphins throughout the day.

Go to the Bunbury Wildlife Park

Another option is to visit Bunbury Wildlife Park, where you may see native Australian animals up close. Kangaroos and birds are amenable to close encounters. In fact, you could even have a park picnic. The park’s summer hours are 10 am to 2:30 pm, Wednesday through Sunday. Plus, throughout the winter months, they are open to people from 10 am to 2:30 pm, Thursday through Sunday. Find out what more Bunbury has to offer by reading on! 21.

Spend the day at the Koombana Bay Beach

Koombana Bay is an ideal location for a carefree summer day of enjoyment due to its tranquilly. You may go for walks on the broad sandy beach and watch the boats go by. Also, the seas are calm enough for swimming. The chance of seeing a bottle-nose dolphin is significantly higher. This beach is noted for its beach volleyball.

Explore the Leschenault Inlet

The sand dunes dot this stunning estuary lagoon that resembles a finger. Azure hues colour the lake. Beyond the shoreline dunes, you may find a peppermint and tuart woods. Ringtail and brushtail possums are known to inhabit the region. As the kitesurfing competitions begin in the spring, delicate wildflowers entice spectators to stay and enjoy the spectacle.

Ngilgi Cave

About 1.5 hours’ drive from Bunbury lies Ngilgi Cave. The stunning concretions, nevertheless, will make the trip worthwhile. Guests may choose between a partly guided tour and self-directed exploration of the caverns.

Check out the Tuart Forest National Park

Consider stopping at Tuart Forest National Park on your journey to Ngilgi Cave. The enormous trees provide a window into the natural splendour of prehistoric Australia. Western ringtail possums, which are in risk of extinction, find refuge in the cavities of these old trees.

Seek Serenity at the Jetty Baths beach

Visit Jetty Baths if you’re in the mood for some peace and quiet. The waves just off the shore are quite small and calm. For children, it’s the ideal place to construct sandcastles. You may cool yourself in the pool while the youngsters burn off some energy at the adjacent playground.

Take in the City on a Bike

Nature is very important to the Bunbury people. Therefore, there are many lovely paths for bicycling and walking. Melo Velo is the perfect place to rent bikes and get your coffee fix. Next, you’re out on a bike ride around town. To top it all off, the Bunbury Visitor Centre offers bike rentals.

Learn About Aboriginal Ways of Life

An exploration of the indigenous peoples’ deep cultural history is possible on the Ngalang Wongi Aboriginal Cultural trip. Your local tour guide, Troy Bennell, will transport you to a bygone age. A stroll through mangroves and the Bunbury Estuary will be part of the itinerary. For a natural hand-washing experience, try using foamy wattle leaves and black apples.

Pay a visit to the food market

Visit the Bunbury Farmers Market to experience a kaleidoscope of flavours. Exotic products like truffle oil, as well as tasty delights like quince jam and zucchini pickles, are available for stocking up. Indulge in a day of delicious food and drink, including cold-pressed juice and smoothies.

Wonder around the Bunbury lighthouse

The Bunbury lighthouse is a popular subject for photographers due to its distinctive black and white chequered facade. At 25 metres in height, the lighthouse provides a view of the water for 27 km in all directions.

Climb the Marlston Hill Lookout Tower

Where the old Bunbury lighthouse previously signalling to ships is now the Marlston Hill Lookout. This is a good spot to see the eastern shore of Koombana Bay, Geographe Bay, and Bunbury Harbour.

Enjoy a Wine Tasting Excursion

Bunbury is a starting point for excursions to the Blackwood Valley Wine Region and the Geographe Wine Region. It is best to take a road trip across the wine areas. To experience new wines while learning about the region’s Italian history, try the Geographe Alternative Wine Trail.

The Bunbury Heritage & Museum is a must-see

Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre showcases unique storytelling via the integration of modern art. Works of art from the New York Public Library, the Western Australia Museum, and the Le Havre Museum of Natural History are on show in the museum. Kerry Stokes and Andrew Forrest are among the private collectors whose works are on display.

Go for a Jog Down Victoria Street

Numerous stately Georgian and Victorian mansions dot Victoria Street. Cool cafes, boutiques, and restaurants with creative menus are all within walking distance.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Taffy’s Wine and Dine

At Taffys, you can see the real deal—the making of salt-water taffy. They use their skilled hands to draw the taffy and then wrap it in the traditional manner. To sate your cravings for anything sugary, you may get a bag of sweet taffy.

Wine and Dine – Stop by Corners on the Bay for a cup of coffee

Corners on the Bay is a great place to stop for a coffee break. You can see the waterways from the café. A reservation may be necessary in advance, however.

Wine and Dine—Mojo’s for dinner

Craft beer and wine are available for purchase at Mojo’s, in addition to delicious food. From Tuesday through Thursday, you may enjoy dining at the restaurant from 11 am until 9 pm. You may visit the bottleshop every day of the week, except on Sundays.

Indulge in a Nightcap at LostBill Wine & Dine

A tiny cocktail bar, LostBill offers a wide variety of cold beers, cocktails, and high-quality wines from the area. Stop by this little pub for a drink before a night on the town or just for a quick dip. The bar is warm and welcoming in the winter and a cool place to relax in the summer, with music that never fails to move the soul.

Major attractions of the tour from Perth to Margaret River

Day Trips to Margaret River from Perth

Underground Caves 

Subterranean marvels abound in the lovely Margaret River area. More than a hundred beautifully ornamented limestone caverns, created a million years ago, lie under the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge. Some of the most breathtakingly gorgeous caves in the world include Ngilgi, Jewel, Mammoth, and Lake.

Adventures into the Caverns

From “hard-hat” adventure trips to simple self-guided tours, there’s a wide spectrum of cave tours to choose from. Delve deeper for exciting adventure trips or explore the maze of underground secrets.

Lake Cave

Gaze in awe at this breathtakingly lovely subterranean room with its serene lake reflecting fine crystal embellishments! Marvel at the crystal wonderland’s stunning magnificence during the guided tour.

You may go on guided tours of this subterranean cave. Seeing the subterranean lake and rock formations is well worth the arduous descent to the cave.

The Jewel Cave

Marvel at the elaborate crystal ornaments draped over the ceiling as you go on an awe-inspiring trip inside the most stunning Jewel Cave. This cave has three enormous chambers and is home to a stalactite that is longer than any other. The breathtaking crystal formations will astound you; they have been slowly but definitely shaping over thousands of years.

Cave of Mammoth

Approximately 300 kilometres south of Perth, Western Australia, and 21 kilometres south of Margaret River is where you’ll find this massive limestone cavern. Karri and Marri forests around it, and it is located inside Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

Extinct Australian Mega Fauna (huge animals) have their fossils preserved in the natural time capsule that is the Mammoth Cave. Be amazed by the unusual rock formations and cave formations made by the ever-present stream that runs through the cave. Immersed in the cave wall is the jawbone of a ‘zygomaturus,’ which dates back 50,000 years. It is astonishing.

Large rooms packed with bizarre formations make up these gothic-style caverns. The caverns will provide a wealth of information on the local flora and wildlife. While you are there, you may find out about the cave’s history and see its many forms.

Cave of Ngilgi

Embark on an exhilarating adventure excursion. Located in the southwestern region of Western Australia, Ngilgi Cave (formerly Yallingup Cave) is a karst cavern north-east of Yallingup. There is a red layer of earth, known as paleosol, in several parts of the cave.

The earliest tourist attraction in Western Australia, this cavern is a sight to see with its array of stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, and colourful shawls. Seeing the “Amphitheatre” is the first stop on the semi-guided show cave tour. Continue by venturing inside this breathtaking cavern alone.

Tour of Margaret River Wineries

Twenty percent of Australia’s premium wine comes from this area. The perfect atmosphere and microclimate allow for the production of a wide range of wines. Along the Margret River’s premier wine district, you may have an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind, and genuine experience.

Margret River was the site of the first commercial vineyard planting in 1967. Margret River is one of the top wine-producing districts in Australia, and you can sample its wines and see why. Among the world’s top wine-producing regions, it is also highly regarded.

Experience the Margaret River region’s world-class wines on a private, 4WD trip. On this journey, you will see;

Margaret River Wine Adventure Tour

Canoe Trip

To start, take a canoe ride down the Margaret River and stop for some wine sampling and breathtaking scenery.

The Estate of Fraser Gallop

Secondly, have a private wine lunch in a vineyard or cellar while being shown the ins and outs of a winery.

Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs

Thirdly, take in the breathtaking scenery at this secluded beach and take a little stroll along the world-famous Cape Walking Track.

White Elephant Café

You should next take a moment to relax and enjoy your coffee break. If you visit during whale season, you may be lucky enough to see some whales passing by as you watch the surf.

Kevill Road Waterfall

Additionally, you may learn a lot about early European history and Aboriginal cultures by visiting the old waterfall. At the waterhole, you may see mussels and freshwater marron.

Off-road ride

Finally, don’t leave the trip without experiencing the thrilling off-road ride.

Cape Mentelle Vineyards

Situated 274 kilometres south-west of Perth, Western Australia, Cape Mentelle Vineyards is a wine estate in the Margaret River area. David Hohnen, together with his brothers Mark and Giles, established the winery. David is a third-generation farmer who, in the 1960s, studied viticulture and winemaking in California. Among Margaret River’s ‘founding five,’ Cape Mentelle is renowned for its Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

Leeuwin Estate

The Margaret River wine area in Western Australia is home to this vineyard, restaurant, and art gallery.

Voyager Estate

A family owns and operates this organic vineyard.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

At the very point where the Southern and Indian Oceans converge, the majestic Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse stands. Take a tour of the lighthouse and take in the breathtaking scenery. Discover its origins, construction, caretakers, and the many shipwrecks that occurred before it came to be. Find out what goes into keeping the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse operational and maintained.

The furthest point to the south-west of Australia is Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. It marked the meeting point of the Indian and southern seas. A Dutch ship that sailed by the lighthouse in 1622 is the inspiration for the name. You will be able to take in stunning coastal vistas from this lighthouse, which is the highest in Western Australia. Sea lions, parrots, and dolphins are just a few of the animals that call this area home. As an additional way to take in the scenery, you may stroll along the history paths.

Hamelin Bay

The picturesque Hamelin Bay is within thirty minutes’ drive from Margaret River. Wild stingrays swim straight close to the coast at Hamelin Bay. At the beach’s boat ramp, they eat the leftovers from the fisherman. The water is more visible in the summer, therefore that’s when you should go to see them. Stingrays are wild animals, so please don’t bother them.

Geographe Bay

Located around 220 kilometres south-west of Perth, Geographe Bay lies in Western Australia’s far south-west. In May of 1801, French adventurer Nicolas Baudin called the bay Géographe after his ship. Beginning from Cape Naturaliste and continuing via Dunsborough and Busselton until coming to a finish close to Bunbury, the bay has a broad arc of shoreline. You may find beaches and recreational amenities at this coastal inlet.

Busselton’s Jetty

Day Trips to Margaret River from Perth

Busselton’s Jetty, at 1.8 km in length, is the southern hemisphere’s longest timber-piled jetty. A miniature train will whisk you away on a tour of the underwater observatory, which lies 8 metres below the water’s surface. Another option is to don a self-contained device that will allow you to explore the underwater realm of the ancient piles at the jetty.Underwater Observatory

You get the thrilling chance to see the wonders of the ocean at the Underwater Observatory on the jetty.

Australian First in Busselton’s Jetty

A dining experience eight metres (26 feet) below the ocean’s surface is even on the menu, which is an Australian first. If you go down the jetty at Geographe Bay, you could see dolphins playing.

Tuart Forest National park

A must-visit on springtime day excursions from Perth to Busselton is the forested park preserve known as Tuart Forest National Park, which is home to tuart trees.

Busselton Foreshore

Busselton Foreshore is another popular destination for families looking for amusement. Enjoy leisurely bike rides or strolls along the meandering trail that hugs the shoreline. From the waterfront, one can very easily reach the beach.

There are a lot of places to have picnics in this park and garden. Aside from covered tables and chairs, the space also has BBQ capabilities. There are pedal boats and see-through kayaks available for rent in the city for those who appreciate water sports.

Big4 Beachlands

Many families visit this award-winning holiday park each year. Sure to keep the kids occupied, this place has a heated pool and cutting-edge playground equipment.

ArtGeo Cultural complex

Featuring prominent exhibitions by prominent painters and photographers, this neighbourhood gallery is really unique.

The Busselton Museum

Housed in a restored butter factory, the Busselton Museum features artefacts from the area’s past, as well as exhibits from the local pottery studio.

Vasse –Wonnerup Estuary

This area serves as a river, marsh, and estuary all at once.

Boranup Forest

The majestic Karri trees, which can reach a height of 60 metres, call this picturesque woodland area their home. The age of this regeneration forest exceeds 100 years, and it extends over km. Among the regrowth trees that have grown here over the last century stands the Karri Tree, the world’s third-tallest tree.

123-kilometer Track

Located between caves and wineries, the 123-kilometer Track winds its way through beautiful beaches, sheltering woodlands, and coastal vistas in the South West Capes-Margaret River area. Perth to Margaret River Day Trips

Skydive Geronimo

Visit the legendary Skydive Geronimo if you’re an adrenaline enthusiast! Experience the thrill of a tandem leap over the Busselton Jetty and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Gelato Buonissimo

At the sophisticated Gelato Buonissimo, you may cap off a wonderful day in style. You won’t believe how refreshing this classic gelato is! Give your taste buds a wonderful surprise by trying out their daring new flavours.


Tall trees and carpets of colourful wildflowers adorn the landscape of this picturesque timber town in the spring.

Tree Top Walk and Ancient Empire Walk

The Ancient Empire Walk passes through a grove of tingle trees that are 400 years old, and you can get a bird’s-eye view of the forest floor from a lightweight bridge that is 40 metres above the forest floor.


You may discover locally produced goods in the area’s cafés, charming boutiques, and speciality stores. In your spare time, peruse the charming shops that showcase the wares of local artisans, as well as the trendy cafes and speciality stores.

Day Trips to Margaret River Town

Tour options from Perth to Margaret River

Perth to Margaret River Amazing Bus Tour

If you are short on time but yet want to see some of the south-west, take a bus excursion from Perth to Margaret River. This day excursion offers more excitement than any other tour in the Margaret River. Taking the bus from Perth to Margaret River is a delightful trip, filled with several scenic pauses and breathtaking scenery.

Perth to Margaret River bus tour “The experience”

From Perth, you can reach the Margaret River and see the south-west in a day with this bus trip. Stops along the way include the Busselton jetty and the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse. During this period, you have the opportunity to fully explore Margaret River, Busselton, and Pemberton while also passing through the three major municipalities in the region. You may also immerse yourself in the gorgeous coastal scenery.

Perth to Margaret River bus tour taste Wine and coffee

Indulge in gourmet chocolate and wine tastings, have lunch at a world-renowned vineyard, and then stroll down the Margaret River to have a picnic lunch. The Yahava Koffee Works has a variety of coffees from throughout the globe, so you may have a fragrant cup as you relax.

Perth to Margaret River bus tour “The sites to see”

Take in the sights as you make your way to the southern hemisphere’s longest wooden jetty, the Busselton Jetty, via a bus ride via a number of charming villages. While at Donnybrook, you’ll pass past farms and orchards of stone fruits and apples, take in views of the ancient forest of Western Australia from a lookout point, and go on the “Tree Top Walk” in Canopy Forest. Perth to Margaret River Day Trips

Perth to Margaret River bus tour visit Busselton and Yallingup

Following a stop at the iconic Busselton Jetty, you will be led to a lookout point in Yallingup from where you can take in the stunning views of Yallingup Beach and the Indian Ocean. Next, climb the Cape Naturalist Lighthouse for a breathtaking vista, and then explore the gothic-looking Ngilgi Cave.

This guided excursion from Perth to Margaret River follows a typical route, including the Mammoth caverns, the old Boranup forest, and the world-famous lighthouse to see the confluence of the Indian and Southern seas.

Perth to Margaret River by Coach 

One of the most enjoyable things to do with friends is to take a coach excursion from Perth to Margaret River. You won’t find a more exciting day excursion than this one. With numerous scenic pauses and breathtaking vistas to take in, travelling by bus is an enjoyable experience.

Margaret River Full-Day Tour by Seaplane

Take a thrilling low-level coastal fly to Margaret River while taking in breathtaking views of Western Australia’s stunning coastline. At Margaret River, get on the bus that will whisk you away to the top sparkling wines of this world-famous wine area, where you can have a hearty lunch at a vineyard. After a delightful wine tour, return to Perth by plane while taking in the picturesque coastline landscape.Perth to Margaret River bus tour

What to pack on a Day trip Perth to Margaret River?

Guests who want to visit in April may look forward to pleasant weather. If you’re planning on going for a short swim at the beach, bring your swimmers. Be sure to bring along some comfortable clothes, sunscreen, and lightweight shoes.

A headlamp, thick clothing, maybe a jacket, and an adventurous spirit are all necessary items for a springtime visit. Anyone above the age of seven, including adults, must make a reservation. Day Trips to Margaret River from Perth

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