What’s on in Northbridge Pubs and the Mustang Bar?

What’s on in Northbridge pubs and the Mustang Bar?

Northbridge is known for its nightlife and several pubs in the region have an exciting array of events lined up to even further amp up your experience. Looking for places to hang out with friends? Below is a list of spots that will surely entice the party person in you.

Jack Rabbit Slims

For live music and all the grooving that it comes with, Jack Rabbit Slims has a reputation for being one of the best in the city. Thanks to its neon lit interiors dancing comes naturally. However what really draws the crowds here is the fantastic local DJ’s who know the art of creating the mood. Whether its dance you are after or grabbing a bite late at night or even playing some retro games, this place is where you should be headed towards.

Mustang Bar

Now this is a favorite spot for music lovers from all over the city. With a mosaic of artists from the USA and other parts of Australia, the Mustang Bar is perfect for all those who are looking to groove to their favorite tunes. To top this there is also an array of interesting events at the Mustang bar featuring performances, food and competitions. Jack Royale & The Hot Shot Playboys for instance is scheduled for the 27th of April and there is Salsa night on the 30th of April. For more details on events, check out their website at mustangbar.com.au/events


What’s on in Northbridge pubs and the Mustang Bar?

Villa can be whatever you want it to be. With 2 bars, a massive dance floor and events all year long, it is probably one of the most multipurpose venues to head to after dark. Events hosted here are of all types that range from electro DJ’s, fashion shows and even product releases.

Mint Nightclub

This retro themed nightclub has a couple of exciting events lined up throughout the week. Smash Hits Fridays and Pop life Saturdays make it a great spot for some weekend fun.