Perth to Broome Road Trip

Perth to Broome by campervan

A Perth to Broome Road trip is an epic route, but one you absolutely must take if you’re serious about travelling and seeing Australia. This road trip is every backpacker’s dream – long open roads, amazing scenery, things to do and see and great locals to meet along the route. It’s not for the faint-hearted – this trip is equal to driving between Montreal in Canada to Miami in Florida so be prepared and travel safe.

Perth to Broome Road trip – Key Highlights


Your first stop after leaving Perth should be Cervantes. While here check out The Pinnacles – an amazing feat of nature completely undiscovered until the 1960s.


If you like a bit of adrenaline then you have to stop here and book a skydive at Jurien Bay. This is the only skydive in Australia to land on a beach. Or don your scuba gear and have a look at the underwater world of Jurien Bay Marine Park.


Take some time to unwind in this chilled out little town. Stroll along The Fascine, the town’s central waterway or have your fill of fresh food along the Gascoyne Food Trail.

Ningaloo Reef

Book a diving experience here to see what it’s like to swim with the whale sharks or giant manta rays. Definitely one to tick off the bucket list. If you don’t fancy getting this close, you can always book a glass bottomed boat tour or visit the shark nursery just a short walk from the main beach.

Tom Price

No road trip around WA would be complete without stopping in ‘the top town in WA’ – Tom Price. This is the highest town above sea level and is home to Mount Nameless – WA’s second highest peak. Another check for the bucket list.

Eight Mile Beach

Incorrectly named – this beach actually stretches for 140 miles. It’s the perfect place to stretch out and unwind after your long trip in the car so far.
There are many other places along the way – these are just our top picks. What are your favourite places to see along this route?
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