Coach Tours Broome to Perth

Coach Tours Broome to Perth
A guided coach tour for a group of holidaymakers that follows a scheduled itinerary.

Coach tours Broome to Perth

Take the less-traveled route down Australia’s west coast on a coach tour from Broome to Perth. These coach tours will take you through Australia’s magnificent west coast and all of the places worth seeing along this special journey. The West Coast road between Broome and Perth is a nature lover’s paradise, with plenty of outdoor activities and breathtaking views.

Discover the Pilbara’s hidden grottoes and rock pools, swim in Turquoise Bay’s pristine waters, and observe the world’s oldest lifeforms in Kalbarri before concluding in laid-back Perth. This journey covers a large distance at a leisurely pace and is ideal for anyone wishing to discover some of Australia’s most tranquil beauties.

Day 1:Coach tours Broome to Perth through the Pilbra Region

Start your adventure from the most famous pearling town in WA. The amazing beaches would make you long to stay longer once you experience the calmness once. Cross the desert and enjoy the Eighty Mile Beach for a short stroll. Travel south from there, pass through Port Hedland, the mining city and see the iron ore industry in full swing in this region.

Day 2: Coach tours Broome to Perth  via Karijini National Park

Start the day by heading out toward the Karijini National Park, stopping at Port Headland to observe the iron industry. Set up camp in the national park and start relishing nature at its best.

Coach tours Broome to Perth
Karijini National Park North Western Australia

Day 3 and 4: Karijini National Park

Thoroughly explore the most magnificent National Park of Australia. Explore the walking trails, the freshwater springs and the rock pools in the area. Also enjoy looking for the rock ravines formed, gorges, gullies and the secluded little swimming spots as well.  You get to swim in these waterholes, splash around in the waterfalls as well as hike along the rocky trails in the park. In other words, you are in Paradise!

Day 5: Coach tours Broome to Perth  via Exmouth

Travel through the Pilbara region and the cattle stations, and encounter the region well-known for its red earth and mineral deposits.

Day 6: Exmouth

This is your free day to do as you wish. You could snorkel, scuba dive to see sharks and whales, walk to the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse or sunbathe and enjoy the day in total relaxation. You could also visit the exotic Coral Bay and enjoy it.

Day 7: Coach tours Broome to Perth via Coral Bay

Relish snorkelling on the Ningaloo Reef, which starts almost from the edge of the ocean. Swim with the majestic fish, turtles and manta rays and enjoy your fishy adventure.

Day 8: Coach tours Broome to Perth  via Monkey Mia

You will cross over the Tropic of Capricorn today. This means that the sun will never be directly above you after this when traveling south. How cool is that! Visit the Shell Beach next and be prepared to be amazed at the sheer amount of shells which are on the beach.

Day 9: Coach tours Broome to Perth via Kalbarri

Today you get to visit with the tamest bottlenose dolphins who are famous in Monkey Mia. Get the opportunity to feed them and enjoy time with them.  After a short drive across the Eastern Peninsula, you can see the oldest living organisms in the world, the stromatolites.

Coach tours Broome to Perth
The rocky Kalbarri.

Day 10: Coach tours Broome to Perth  via Nambung National Park to Perth

Cruise through the coast of Kalbarri National Park and come to Dongara at the head of the Irwin River. You will get to sandboard at the Sandy Cape, which is a desert which has the strange limestone Pinnacles on it. Wind up your amazing adventure by arriving back in Perth.