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Bars can be expensive and thus discourage the budget-conscious backpacker who wants to have some fun. However, here is a list of backpacker-friendly pubs in Sydney that don’t financially restrict the travel-weary backpackers;

1. The Scary Canary

A popular destination for backpackers looking for a fun night out!  Located just behind the Town Hall, it is an easily accessible location for any backpacker staying in the city.  The different themed nights, such as the ‘Wet Wednesday’ or ‘Fireball Friday’ is a blast among the backpackers passing through the city! The Hostel pre-party prior to the night out at the pub is a great way to meet fellow travellers!  

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2. Sidebar Sydney

With its entrance attached right next to the highest-rated hostel in Sydney, the Sidebar is easy to access!  This busy student and backpacker bar features live music and weekly club nights. The bartenders are nice!  The drinks are reasonably priced!  The dance floor is big enough! During happy hour the drinks are cheap! Get going to the Sidebar, while you are bar-hopping!

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3. Broadway Crown

With a lively atmosphere but relaxed, this is a personal favourite of many backpackers!  The wonderfully tasting cocktails sell for only AUS $ 10!  With many food specials on the menu, the fast going one is their Steak and Chips for AUS $ 10 offered on Wednesdays.  

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4. Cargo Bar Sydney

This stylish waterside bar has the best views overlooking the harbour and the opera house.  A great place to be for a drink from a wide selection on offer from cold beer to classy cocktails!  Local DJ’s, musical acts and all the main sporting events on screen make this bar and lounge quite an attraction for the weary backpackers!

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5. Pocket Bar

The Pocket Bar is the ultimate choice for the backpacker who wants a bar atmosphere like you’re hanging at a friend’s place. Prominent in the small bar scene, the Pocket bar has nestled itself as a hole in the wall. The small bar is packed with high-quality playful cocktails and an extensive drinks list.  

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