Brisbane to Fraser Tours this Christmas

Brisbane to Fraser tours this Christmas

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Brisbane to Fraser tours this Christmas Overland

End 2019 with a Memorable Adventure

Take a Brisbane to Fraser tours this Christmas to conclude the year 2019 with an adventure not to be forgotten. Firstly you will follow the Sunshine Coast, before the two ferry crossing and then land on Fraser Island. Then, almost immediately you will find yourself traveling in along the seventy-five Mile Beach in your 4WD. You will swim & hike through some of the most beautiful places in Australia. 

View of the Glass House Mountains

Setting out from Brisbane’s you’ll travel north towards your destination. On the way, the gorgeous views of the Glass House Mountains will fascinate you as you watch from your comfortable tour bus. 

The Majestic Rainbow Beach

Before arriving at Fraser Island, you’ll be paying a visit to Rainbow Beach, to explore the majestic rainbow colored sand dunes located here. You’ll then board a ferry for the trip over to Fraser Island, looking out for the local dolphins, dugongs, and turtles along the way.

75 Mile Surf Beach

When you arrive on this gorgeous tropical sand island, you’ll jump in a 4WD and go for a cruise along Fraser Island’s main highway and aircraft runway, which is actually a 120 km long sandy beach. While you’re motoring along the sweeping 75 Mile Surf Beach, you’ll have the chance to spot dingoes, sea eagles and maybe even a whale. 

The Largest Sand Rainforest in the world

Next, you’ll take a stroll through the largest sand-anchored rainforest in the world and marvel at how the vegetation survives with only the help of fungus spores in the sand. Sand is coated with mineral compounds such as iron and aluminium oxides. Near the shore the air contains nutrients from sea spray which are deposited on the sand. 

Wanggoolba Creek & Lake McKenzie

You’ll then visit the famous Wanggoolba Creek at Central Station, via the beautiful Eco Boardwalk, before stopping at Lake McKenzie to take in the scenery. You’ll be glad to know there will be many more opportunities to jump in for a dip, as you visit a number of gorgeous beaches. 

Drop Bear Adventures

Drop bear adventures is a very good choice for the Brisbane to Fraser tours this Christmas, as their professional staff will surely ensure you have a memorable experience.  Their tours include everything you need and when you book with them, you are supporting a Drop Bears business that works to protect the island fragile eco system.

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