Fraser Island Adventure Tours Seasons

Fraser Island Adventure Tours Seasons

Fraser Island Seasons

The island of many seasons, Fraser Island is one of those places where you can experience it all – apart from snow maybe! If you’re looking for Fraser Island Tours, here’s what you can expect during Fraser Island’s seasons.

There’s never really a bad time to visit the Island as all seasons offer something to visitors. Summer runs from December through to February when you can expect hot, wet and humid conditions. With the mercury generally sitting around 29 C in the summer, it’s the perfect time to take a dip in one of the many idyllic swimming spots on the island. January and February tend to be the wettest months, so make sure you pack a waterproof jacket if you’re planning on visiting then.

Fraser Island Adventure Tours Seasons

From March to May the Island welcomes autumn. It’s still pretty warm with temperatures sitting around the mid to low 20s, but there’s usually a little less rainfall – although keep that rain mack handy just in case!

Although you should pack a jumper, winter (June to August) welcomes whales as they begin their migration passed the island and wards off the wet weather. Temperatures generally sit around the late teens to low 20s making it a pleasant time to enjoy the island.

From September to November spring begins to unfold on the Island which means the Mercury will begin to rise to between 24 C and 27 C. You shouldn’t have to ward off any rainstorms and in early September you may even spot a few dingo pups – just remember – you cannot pick them up and cuddle them!

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