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Otherworldy experiences at Fraser Island

Located just off the coast of Queensland towards the eastern side, Fraser Island is considered as the largest sand island in the world. Intriguing did you say? Stretching across more than a hundred kilometers, Fraser Island offers some unparalleled views unlike any other part of the world. Read on for our short guide to Fraser Island which will help to familiarize you with this beautiful paradise and make planning your trip a lot easier.

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Fraser Island Travel Guide

What to Pack for Fraiser Island
Best time to visit
Things to see in Fraiser Island
Getting to Fraiser Island

How to Access Fraiser Island

Situated at about 300km towards Brisbane’s northern coast , Fraser Island can be accessed in two ways. Many travellers take the barge at Manta Ray which runs along the length between the island’s southernmost tip and Inskip point. Incidentally Inskip point, has a beautiful campground and beach front. The barge leaves at 6am and runs continuously till 5.15pm each day. The journey is peaceful and takes about 10 minutes but ofcourse it can be a hefty price for a return journey with a car. If you are carpooling then the cost won’t be much but if not you might want to look at our second option.
Apart from taking a helicopter journey, there’s also the Fraser Island Barges. This service runs less frequently but the cost is comparatively cheaper.

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Type of vehicle to travel in and tips for driving

There is a reason why Fraiser Island is a paradise for 4WD fanatics and as such it is highly recommended that travellers do not attempt driving any other vehicle. Those that have a high clearance, with low range capability are best suited to the island’s terrain. The island’s rugged roads will certainly put your SUV to the test and the danger of getting stuck on sandy fronts, is a common occurrence. Hence, it is always best to travel in groups, where one vehicle can pull the other one out. Keep your eye out for specialized companies that will hire out vehicles especially to tour Fraser Island.

What to take with you to Fraiser Island

You might want to stock up on toiletries before arriving in Fraser Island. However, the island offers several outlets to stock up on supplies. The main area of Eurong which also has a pub and bakery has a fuel station and ofcourse is home to beautiful orchid beach. Its highly recommended that you pack your medical supplies before arriving in Fraser, as specific medical supplies might be hard to find.

Why you should not miss out on trip to Fraiser Island

Many travellers to Fraiser Island will roam around the island by vehicle and then return to their campsites by sun down. Some will tend to move from campsite to campsite, but this will ultimately rest with the preference of travellers. Whichever you choose, don’t miss out on an opportunity to take a dip into the still waters of Lake McKenzie or visit Eli Creek. In the evenings make your way to the rock formations known as the Pinnacles and be awed by the shadows they cast at sunset. If you have time to spare, make sure to hike to Lake Wabby and the quaint and peaceful road that leads to Lake Birrabeen. Unwind in the champagne pools which are a safe way to enjoy a natural rock pool swim.
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