Fraser Island Tours – Why You Need to Visit Between May and July

Fraser Island Things to Do QLD Australia

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Australia is one of the places where fun, excitement and great weather is guaranteed.  Whereas Fraser is the world’s largest sandy island and its fantastic location along the southern coast of Queensland make it the best place for tourists.

When to Visit Fraser Island:

Whether you’re planning camping, exploring the rainforests or simply laying on the beach in the sand, you’ll have to find the best time to head over to this beautiful island is during May and July.

The Warm Temperature of the Island:

Because Fraser Island is only 500 kilometres away from the Capricorn Tropic, the climate is all year round warm temperatures. However, the average temperatures vary depending on the season and it would be wise to consider that because they fall below the southern hemisphere, the chances are that their seasons are opposite to those in your home country.

Should You Go During Winter?

The winter months are between May and August, where temperatures tend to vary from 57 – 77 degrees F (14 – 25 C). These are the year’s drier months and you’re less likely to see a lot of rainfall.


During July is the absolute best time to head out to sea with the best chances to catch fish. The waters of Fraser Island are teeming with a variety of fish making this activity one of the top ones on the island for visitors to enjoy.

Whale Watching:

During July you can book a tour and head out to see the gentle giants of the sea up close and personal. 


During May and July is an excellent time to go out exploring through hiking the beautiful landscapes Fraser Island has to offer. The forests are full of beautiful and diverse flora and fauna. Be prepared to breathe in the fresh smell of wildflowers and massive trees swaying in the wind.