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Perth to Adelaide Bus Tour

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Treat yourself to an incredible adventure in the rugged western and southern regions of Australia! Tour from Perth to Adelaide and discover a myriad of spectacular appeals. This adventurous journey will help you witness the splendor of many famous attractions of Australia. The article below details some of the delightful experiences that you will be able to enjoy during this exciting tour.

Perth to Adelaide tours visit Fitzgerald River National Park

You start your journey from the city of Perth and travel eastward, passing the famous landmarks of Darling Ranges, the township of York and Wave Rock.
After a few hours, you will be reaching the world famous Fitzgerald National Park. You can opt to spend the rest of the day, taking in the wondrous sights that this place is richly blessed with. Fitzgerald National Park offers basic facilities for campers too so you will be able to enjoy the bewitching experience of sleeping under a dazzling canopy of stars while the fresh breezes lull you to perfect rest.

Perth to Adelaide tours  visit Cape Le Grand National Park

If you are up for a challenge, you can hike up the beautiful East Mt Baron early in the morning before you begin your journey. It will be an excellent way to get some great exercise!
As you travel towards the east, you will be taking the scenic coastal route and will pass idyllic locales like Esperance. You will soon be entering the territories of flourishing wildlife! This part of Western Australia boasts of 9 national parks so you will be able to enjoy to your heart’s content the spectacular charm of nature.
One of the most popular attractions in the region is the Cape Le Grand National Park which you can explore extensively. The lapis lazuli splendor of the dazzling ocean borders this national park so breathtaking views is always guaranteed here. This national park also offers a campsite with basic facilities so you can once again rest for the night in the great outdoors.

Perth to Adelaide tours drive The Nullarbor

If the previous day’s hike inspired a passion for more exertion in your heart, you could begin this day too by hiking up the Frenchman’s Peak. The views that greet you once you reach the summit will be marvelous!
After a long drive, you will reach the Nullarbor Plains. The eerie barrenness of the region is stunning indeed. You can rest in your tent as the bright constellations silently march across the velvet skies until the golden light of dawn lends color to the desolate plains.

Perth to Adelaide tours visit Koonalda Homestead

You will be driving for many hours on the longest stretch of straight road in the world today! It will be a unique experience for sure. You can learn more about the magnificent Nullarbor Plains as you ride through its widespread desolation. If you are traveling in a 4WD, you will even get the chance to veer off the highway. Keep in mind that this journey will ruthlessly test your stamina! Make sure you come prepared with lots of water and extra petrol too.
As you drive you may occasionally spot wild camels, emus as well as kangaroos, so keep your cameras ready. The longest golf course in the world is also found here with a hole at each town that you pass along the way!
Once you reach Koonalda Homestead, you can set up camp and retire to rest. The campsite only offers basic facilities.

Perth to Adelaide tours drive the great Australian Bight and Coodlie Park

As you continue the journey towards Adelaide from Nullarbor Plains, you will pass many famous landmarks. The Great Australian Bight which is the world’s longest uninterrupted line of sea cliffs is one of the most appealing attractions in this part of the country.
You will also get the chance to cross the world’s longest fence, the Dingo Fence as you travel in this region. The great Yalata Aboriginal lands can also be visited during the day.
Coodlie Park is yet another famous place that you should certainly consider visiting. This is a working farm retreat that helps visitors learn more about the pleasures and pains of the rural life.
Visit the attractions in and around Coodlie Park and the Eyre Peninsula
There are plenty of appeals to take delight in when traveling in this region so your day will be packed with adventurous tours! The Baird Bay located on the Eyre Peninsula, which gives you the opportunity to swim with sea lions and dolphins is one of the places that you really shouldn’t miss. The Murphy’s Haystacks, as well as the Talia Caves, are also star attractions that many visitors love exploring. If you are yearning for adventure, you can opt to do some sandboarding at the Newland Sand Dunes and enjoy exhilarating thrills!

Perth to Adelaide tours visit Lock’s Well and Port Lincoln

Get back on the road to enjoy yet another spectacular scenic coastal drive. The breathtaking views that will enchant you as you travel will remain vividly etched in your mind for many years. You can stop at Lock’s Well and descend down a flight of 283 steps to enjoy a delightful stroll on the powdery sands too.
Once you reach Port Lincoln, you can tempt your taste buds with exquisite seafood delicacies. This idyllic town also boasts of some enchanting local sites.

Perth to Adelaide tours stop at Mikkira Station

Mikkira Station is a beautiful campsite that gives its visitors the opportunity to make delightful acquaintances with koalas. These cuddly darlings of Australia will steal your heart for sure! The campground is complete with toilet and shower facilities too.

Shark cage diving at Port Lincoln

If you have an inexplicable desire to stare into the cold eyes of death, be in the intimidating presence of a monster with razor-sharp teeth and get away unscathed you can go shark cage diving just before you reach Adelaide! The experience will indeed make your blood run cold. It will also give you a memory that will delightfully haunt you for the rest of your life!


Perth to Adelaide tours
You will reach your beautiful destination after passing through some quaint, historic towns such as Kadina, Moonta, and Wallaroo. Once you reach Adelaide, get some much-needed rest and blissfully reflect on the journey of adventure that you just enjoyed!
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